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Thursday, December 24, 2015

0 Switch Belt

Your search for the perfect gift is over!!!
When you purchase your Switch Belt for yourself or a gift you will become the envy of everyone that sees you belt. 
Belts are a dime a dozen right? WRONG! Switch Belts are like nothing you have ever worn. 
Comfortable, Stylish, Unique.You will get comment after comment about your new belt.Everyone will wonder where you got it?
What separates Switch Belts from the competition
• NO METAL contained in the belt! Can you imagine going through the airport without having to take your belt off?
     Brilliant right?
• CUSTOMIZABLE! Now you never have to question if you got the right size for your gift.
• INTERCHANGEABLE! We have a variety of colors to mix and match the belt with the buckle. 
    No outfit outsmarts a Switch Belt combination

My thoughts: 
My daughter is a purple freak. She even has purple walls in her bedroom. So, when given the chance to try out this belt, we went with purple. 

I love how versatile this belt is and for a 12 year old, that's amazing. My favorite aspect of the belt is that you can size it to your liking. You literally cut to length and clamp the end into the buckle. It holds it secure. There is no metal at all- it is made of a thermo-plastic material which is like a soft plastic. It is very sturdy though, with no threat to it breaking at all. With the soft plastic, it is flexible though and can loop around your belt loops and buckles easily. With there being no metal, you can even walk through security checkpoints without having to remove your belt. 

We absolutely love this belt. It is very attractive and adds spice to any outfit. We cut it to size for my daughter and she wears it regularly. One awesome thing is the company offers a lifetime guarantee and you just don't see that with other belt products. I did receive this product at a deep discount for my honest feedback and I have to rave about how much we like it, especially my daughter. 


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