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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

0 Women fitness gloves Pink And Turquoise" rel="nofollow">
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Info from the company:
Made from lightweight material to allow for a comfortable workout.
Designed with no slip contact padding to give a firmer hold.
Created from fabric that is breathable so less perspiration accumulates.
Constructed with 100% leather and spandex for long-lasting durability.
Washable (hand wash) so you can maintain its original high quality.

RIMSports Gloves are NOT LIKE THE OTHERSDurability : Unlike cheaper gloves that use rubber and foam, we use leather and spandex, which make our products more durable and workout safe.
Comfort : While the majority of the available workout gloves use the traditional across the wrist strap, which can often be restricting and uncomfortable, our wide velcro latch is diagonal, providing flexibility and movement.
Support :
Some workout gloves are designed simply for show and so they cannot be used for heavy weight lifting; our gloves are made for show and support, giving you the versatility you desire.

My take on it:
I've had my pink weightlifting gloves for the past couple weeks and really like the fit and how durable they are.
Now, I am a novice in the realm of working out and don't really do any kind of heavy lifting. In that same respect, my hands are super soft and ache so badly after attempting to do any machine or bar work at the gym. That's why I am so excited about these gloves.
I tried out the gloves while working out at my local gym. I use the gloves for the machines that work my arms, then I move on to the cardio machines. The gloves have such a nice fit and feel to them and really cut down on the amount of wear and tear you'd get if you didn't have them on. It also gives me a little more incentive to keep going and put more reps in.
The stitching and material are such high quality. It is reinforced in all the right areas, especially right where I grip the bar. You have mesh in the areas like the back of the hand to allow air circulation.
I am mostly impressed with the fit. Usually with gloves of any sort, I just get the small and hope for the best since I have very small hands. I used their guide to measure my hands and according to that, I need a medium. The medium fits perfectly, so their guide was right on point.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review." rel="nofollow">
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