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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

0 FP Coffee Maker™ French Press w/ Metal Frame

Info from the company: 
A coffee press designed with you in mind

The French Press Coffee Maker w/ Glass Carafe and Sturdy Metal Frame by FP Coffee Maker is exactly what you need in a coffee press, from consistently delicious, ground-free coffee to well-made, reliable parts. Not only are our products built to last, they are designed with style and elegance. The carafe has a modern look that will make a simple statement on your counter.

Quality you can see and feel

This French press is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Not only is the quality craftsmanship evident in the classy design, the pot has a substantial feel that speaks to its durability.
- Heavy-duty borosilicate glass carafe fits firmly in the durable metal frame
- Frame has "feet" on the bottom so the press rests securely on your counter or table without wobbling
- Fine mesh filter strains grounds so you get a smooth cup of coffee
- No plastic parts on the lid
- Solid handle and comfortable plunger top
- Clean-up is a snap - you can quickly rinse the filter clean or easily disassemble it to go in the dishwasher
- Comes with simple instructions for use and care

How much is a cup?

In coffee lingo, a "cup" is often just 4 ounces. Other brands may mislead you with "8-cup" capacity claims without explaining that means just 4 ounces per cup. Our French press delivers 32 ounces of smooth, delicious coffee (the carafe can hold 34 ounces, but the filter and coffee grounds take up some room). So, how much is a cup? It depends on the size of your mug!

My take on it:

I am a huge coffee addict. I have it everyday and love all different kinds. I also make it different ways. If wanting to make a bunch ahead of time to use for cold coffee later, I will make a pot at a time with my drip style coffee maker.

When I want a cup or two of coffee that has the fullest, rich flavor possible, I will freshly grind my whole coffee beans and brew with my french press. You won't understand the difference in flavor until you have tried it. It really does make a difference.

This french press from FP Coffee Makers is top notch. I am really impressed with the sturdy design. Even the glass carafe is a thicker glass, almost reminding me of beakers from chemistry class. The metal holders are on securely with no wiggle room. There is a wooden handle, which is great for handling when it's hot. That way the heat won't transfer.

It can also be used for tea, which I also love. I have many flavors of loose tea that I use my french press for. The great thing about having a glass carafe, is that it will not hold onto any flavors. For instance, if you have been brewing coffee in your coffee maker, and attempt to make tea in that same plastic coffee maker, it will still taste like coffee. I like that the taste is clean and pure.

This is great for any coffee or tea lover and would make a great gift.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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