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Thursday, August 27, 2015

0 Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener w AutoBlade Guides

No worries and no mistakes! Sharpening your knives is easy with the LINKYO 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener! Non-slip suction cup feet keep this sharpener firmly in place during use. Automatic blade positioning guides hold the knife at the ideal angle for perfect sharpening. Simply draw the knife slowly towards you - no downward pressure is needed! The built-in "stop" feature helps prevent damage to blades by stalling the sharpener if too much downward pressure is applied.

QUICK, SIMPLE AND SAFE - Sharpen knives like a pro in the comfort of your home

NO MISTAKES - Automatic blade positioning guides hold the knife in the ideal position, while heavy-duty non-slip suction cup feet keep the sharpener firmly in place during use

2-STAGE SHARPENING - Stage 1 reshapes the angle, sharpens and rejuvenates the edge, while Stage 2 finishes the sharpening process honing and polishing the blade

CLEAN UP IS A SNAP - Mess-free receptacles with easy-to-remove plugs catch the metal shards and filings

NO RISK - Backed by LINKYO's 2-Year 100% Quality Guarantee (Not for use on scissors or serrated blades)

* Measures 8.25(L) x 5.75(W) x 3.25(H) inches
* Features a 3.5 foot cord with polarized plug
* Designed for straight-edged blades only. Not for use on scissors or serrated blades.

My review:
We have a couple of nice knife sets that we've had for years. There are some of the knives that have become really dull over the years. That's why I was excited to try out this electric knife sharpener.
It definitely has some weight to it and is fairly large. There are slits along the top labelled 1 and 2. The on / off switch is on the front.  There are also suction cups along the bottom to keep it secure to the countertop. Once I turned it on, I discovered why. It's a powerful sharpener. The grinding wheels rotate inside, allowing you to sharpen your knives by running them along the blades through the slits.
Use the side marked with a 1 to run the knife through the first phase. This phase sharpens the knife with a more coarse wheel.
Use the side marked with a 2 to run the knife through the second phase. This phase uses a finer wheel that finishes the edge.
I made sure to use even slow strokes and it did a beautiful job. I started with the dullest knife I had and ran it through a couple times. It's so sharp now, I love it. I couldn't stop there and sharpened all of the knives in the blocks. This is so much faster than using a grinding stone or rod.
I will note that the sharpener is incredibly loud while sharpening.
The sharpener works so nicely. All of my knives are super sharp now. Now I won't be waiting so long between sharpening them.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 


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