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Thursday, August 27, 2015

0 Zozae makeup brush set

BETTER THAN HORSE HAIR! - Synthetic brushes are tapered with finer, more precise "touch points" than horse hair can ever give you. This gives you FLAWLESS makeup application, every time!
FREE BEAUTY SECRETS E-BOOK! - Professional makeup artist reveals ## closely-guarded cosmetic secrets from inside the modeling agencies! You'll learn what the pro's know about how to look your best at all times - for ANY occasion!
8 BRUSHES IS ALL YOU NEED! - With what you'll learn in the FREE e-book, you'll discover why these 8 brushes are all you'll ever need. Each brush can be used in a variety of different ways, giving you total versatility - just like the pro's!
SLEEK BAG FOR CONVENIENT CARRY! - All 8 brushes fit snugly in this attractive matte black carrying case. Individual slots keep all 8 brushes in their place; preserves their life and keeps them clean, too!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - These luxurious make-up brushes will not shed after washing (given the correct care). Plus, our world class customer service guarantees your Total Satisfaction with our brushes! They also make a GREAT GIFT for your best friend, sister, girlfriend, or mother!

My review
This is by far, the best set of makeup brushes I've ever owned. Truthfully, I'm incredibly cheap and spend less than 10 dollars on the sets I've gotten in the past. After seeing the price on these, I was skeptical if they'd be worth it. With the option of trying them for review, I jumped to try them. After trying them out, I am put in my place and so incredibly pleased with the quality of these brushes.

They come in a very nice faux-leather case with a magnetic snap closure. You get 3 large face brushes and 5 smaller brushes for eye and lip. These brushes are synthetic and I'm surprised at how well they do their job. With ALL others I've tried that were all natural hair, you always have the problem of the bristles going this way and that or them coming out when you clean them. I am putting these brushes through the ringer and they are holding up really well.

I like that each one has the purpose stamped at the bottom of the handle, which helps someone like me who just grabs them willy nilly, using them for whatever. After using each one for their intended use, you can appreciate why each one is made with their specific density and angles.

I could not be happier with this brush set. They really are incredible. The price tag is still a bit much for me to splurge, but I can really see why it is that, with the quality of these brushes.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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