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Thursday, August 27, 2015

0 Aleratec Waterproof Pouch IP47 for 10in Tablet

This product is being sold on Amazon and currently retails for $17.99.


Protects your iPad or other tablet from water damage
Waterproof/Sand-proof level: IP47
Play games, read and use your iPad or tablet like you normally would
Internal size: App. 7.08in x 10.31in x 0.39in / 180mm x 262mm x 10mm
Product size: App. 8.46in x 11.02in x 0.78in / 215mm x 280mm x 20mm

My Review:
I could have used this all summer. Now that the kids are back to school, I will be using it for our outings on weekends.  I strongly encourage anyone with a 10 inch tablet to have one of these if using around water.
The pouch is made of a thin, yet sturdy plastic. It is touch sensitive, so you can still use your tablet when it's inside the pouch.
What actually makes it waterproof is the layers of ziploc sealing, rolled up and fastened with velcro.  I've tested it, actually submerging it in water and it provides such a tight seal, there is no leaking at all. Now, my regular usage of this pouch will not involve me putting it into the water, but I can feel safe, knowing that if it rains or I get splashed, I have no worries of my devices getting ruined.
I have a 10 inch Acer tablet and it fits in there perfectly, with the edge slightly covered by the closure.  I have also used it to store my kindle and phone. They fit together with plenty of room. See the pics attached.
There is a built-in stand on the back with a bit of velcro to keep it from flopping around when not in use.
I'm really pleased with this waterproof pouch. I love that it fits my tablet, as it's the first that I've seen that is big enough.  I look forward to using this on my next outing. So far, I've just been using it for the kids to watch movies on my tablet. At least for now, my tablet is protected from any drink spills.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 


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