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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

0 Sentey Nebulus Gaming mouse review

Info from the company:
  • Up to 3200 DPI / Pixart 3505 Chipset
  • Acceleration Speed 30G / Wheel Indicator
  • Gold Plated Connector / USB cable thick 1.8 mts
  • Left Click / Right Click / DPI Indicator / Scroll Wheel
  • Upper Enclosure, Soft Mate Black / Light UP / Pixart Sensor / Ergonomic Gaming Design/ Platform: PC / 5 Buttons + 1 DPI Selector / Heavy Duty Braided / Low Friction PTFE Feet

My opinion:
I received the Sentey Nebulus gaming mouse.

The packaging looks very high end, with the front flap that opens up and has a velcro spot to close it back. When you open it up, the mouse is on display through clear plastic. If if were hanging up in the store, I'd be very grateful to be able to check it out prior to purchasing.  Open it up and you will find the wired gaming mouse, driver disk, tin for weights, and instruction manual.

The mouse looks very cool, with a gamer's design to it and color LED lights. This is what I expect from a gaming mouse. They just look so much cooler than a regular  one. I am not as much of a fan of how large the gaming mouse is, and that's because I have small hands and am used to a regular wireless mouse that is palm sized. That is just a matter of personal preference and will all the cool functions that this mouse provides, that is just a small note.

This is a wired mouse and the cord is a nylon braided cord. It's tightly woven but still gives some flexibility. There is a sufficient amount of room if you are one to play a few feet away from your PC or laptop. Even though it's wired, you aren't tightly confined. I personally like that I don't have to keep replacing batteries and am on a PC anyway, so no real need to have it wireless. One other cool aspect to the cord is that it has a velcro strap that is permanently attached to it. This makes it so very convenient to store the cord away. You can use the velcro strap to keep it all together and secure.

This mouse comes weighted with 9 weights. You open up the bottom panel by unscrewing it. No special equipment needed, you can just push it with your finger. Inside you will find a foam piece that contains 9 weights. You can remove them in order to give your mouse a different balance. Through some trial and error, I've found that I like to keep 5 weights in just under my thumb. It's just my matter of preference. So you don't lose the weights you removed, they've included a nifty litle pop top tin that you can store them in. It also has the same foam piece that they fit into.

You can program each button on this mouse. Besides the standard buttons that you would normally find on the mouse, you can program one on the very top where your palm rests and two on the side where your thumb rests. You can reassign purpose to the standard buttons too if you'd like.

To install the software, you use the Driver disk.  Run the program from the menu when it pops up and it will install the software. The software is very simple to use and I won't go too far into detail. Depending on what you are wanting to use it for, you can set up to 5 profiles worth of settings. This way you can set them up for different games or preferences. Most anything you'd want to assign is available on the drop down menu.
One of the functions that I was wanting to set up is to assign keyboard functions to the extra buttons. That is done with the macro programming in the drop down menu. You choose macro programming. Hit start recording, hit the keyboard button you want to use or combination of keyboard presses then stop recording. (there is a limit to 10)
For instance, for a windows based game, Rimworld that I am playing I wanted to assign the buttons by my thumb to be spacebar and the letter C. I programmed them and can now easily perform the majority of the game with only the mouse.
I am also playing Borderlands the Pre-Sequel on my PC and tried to program one of the profiles to the letters R and F but the game didn't recognize them.
As a blogger, I do a lot of copying and pasting, so I programmed one of the profiles to have the thumb buttons be copy and paste.

The button at the top is pre-programmed to change to CPI. You can change the sensitivity of the mouse with a click, ranging from 400 cpi to 3200cpi. I love the setting where it moves the fastest across my screen.

I am very pleased with this gaming mouse. I am a little bummed that it doesn't work for one of my games but it has so many features that I am very excited to have it and to play my other games. Just the copy and paste function being on my mouse is so convenient while I blog.

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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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