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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1 Sentey® Kairos PRO Extra Thick Gaming Mousepad review

Info from the company:
  • Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad Medium Friction Level / Natural Eco Friendly Rubber
  • Support and 100% compatible with many mouse models and brand
  • Mouse Pad Gaming Edge-Style Standard - Non-Slip Rubber Base / Hard Plastic PVC
  • 5 mm thickness / Professional Series Surface / Mouse Pad (12.1 x 10 inches)
  • Mouse Pad Gaming - Mousepad - Mouse Pad - Mouse Pad Gaming - Gaming Mouse Pad - Mousepad 1 year warranty

My opinion:
It's amazing the difference it makes to use a quality mouse pad. The Sentey Kairos mousepad is made for gamers.

This particular model is the extra thick mousepad. It is black with the Kairos logo on the front.

The top surface is very smooth but still has a little bit of spongey give to it so it's comfortable to rest your hand on it as you move your mouse around. I like that unlike cloth mousepads, you don't get those snags. There are absolutely no imperfections at all.

The back of the mousepad is a textured rubber. It keeps it stable and doesn't allow any movement at all. Once you place it, the mousepad is staying put.

My favorite thing about this mouse pad is the size. It is much larger than any other mousepad I've had. It takes up almost the entire space to the right of my keyboard and depending on my angle, my keyboard actually rests on it somewhat.

When gaming, I'd actually resorted to playing sans mousepad because I tend to run my mouse off the edge. I've been using this mousepad for about a week and am really pleased with it. My mouse glides on it very easily and the size is impressive. While playing my games, which recently has been Borderlands Pre-Sequel and Rimworld on the PC, I have noticed a big difference in my gaming performance. I went from not using a mousepad at all, to using this gaming mousepad. It has such a smooth finish and allows my mouse to glide so smoothly on it.

I could not be more pleased with it.

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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.

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