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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

0 Sentey® In-ear Earbuds Headphones Amplitude X360

Info from the company: 
  • Metallic Housing Headphones Headphone Earbud : The Amplitude X360 is designed with metallic housing for the speaker driver to enhance the sound and provide elegant design and style. - Earbud with Mic Earbuds with Microphone and volume control - earbuds for men/woman earbuds for kids girls and more
  • In-Line Microphone: The in-line microphone on the Amplitude allows for easy conversation on any audio device.
  • In-Line Control: Earbuds The in-line control allows you to answer a call by pressing the button while being used on a mobile phone.
  • S/M/L Silicone Tips: This earbuds comes with three (3) different Silicone tips to comfortably fit your ear shape and size.
  • Gold Plated Plug: The 3.5 mm stereo plug is plated with told to provide the highest quality connection to a pure and true audio sound reproduction.

My opinion
I've been trying out many different headphones and earbuds lately. I am really pleased with these Sentey Amplitude in-ear headphones. They stand up with some of the more high quality headphones I've tried out.

Out of the package you receive the headphones, instructions, and a small bag that contains your extra silicone tips. The headphones come with the medium tip already on them.

I went ahead and tried the medium tips first. I have very small ears / eardrums and the medium was too large. I swapped them out with the small silicone tips and those fit great.

The housing for these headphones is different than any other that I've tried. It is a metal housing and gives it a more industrial expensive feel to it. It gives a satisfying clank clank when they knock together. (I know I'm weird, but I love when they do it)

With most in-ear headhpones, you get a certain amount of noise cancellation just based on the space for you eardrum being filled and sealed with the silicone tips. With these headphones, you get a stereo effect, which helps to drown out any outside noise. I listened to music and watched movies with them, and the sounds is incredibly clear.

There is a mic and call answering button inline with the cable. I honestly do not talk much on the phone outside work (My profession is a 911 dispatcher and I talk on the phone quite enough while I'm there) and very rarely do I have the need to answer an incoming call while using them. I did a few test runs with them to see how well they held up though. When a call comes in, you hear your ringtone through the earbuds. You can answer it by clicking on the in-line button. The instructions say you can press it again to end the call. I use a BLU Studio Energy phone and when I am on the line with someone and press the in-line button, mine actually places the call on hold, pressing it again takes them off hold. Holding it down for a few seconds ends the call. For me, that's an added bonus that I wasn't expecting.

You can also use the in-line button to play and pause your music while in the system driven music player on your device.

The cord is rubber-coated and an average length. It is not exactly tangle-free because I've pulled them out of my pocket as a jumbled mess, but the good news is that they untangle much easier than a standard cord. You only have to give it a few shakes in different places to get everything untangled.

These in-ear headphones have me very satisfied. They have a high quality design and sound for a fraction of the price.

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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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