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Sunday, May 3, 2015

0 Sentey Brio 2800mAh Power Bank Review

We are a techy family and have so many gadgets. Between our phones, tablets, mp3 players and other USB powered devices, we have also fallen in love with portable power banks. I was delighted to review this one.

I received the Sentey Brio LS-2100 portable power bank. The packaging is a clear plastic that includes the power bank, instructions, charging micro-USB to USB cord, and black drawstring pouch.

Aesthetics: I have the black but it is available in many other colors. The design is a triangular prism with rounded edges. The colors are black and white in an eye-pleasing design. It is very lightweight, much lighter than other power banks with similar capacity that I've tried. It is small enough to fit in your grip easily. Think about gripping a roll of quarters with it being as heavy as a new bottle of nail polish.

How to use:
To charge the power bank, you connect the Micro-USB end into the power bank, and the USB end into your computer or USB wall adapter. It will display a red light while charging and the light will change to blue when finished.
To charge your phone from the power bank, you connect the Micro-USB end into the phone, tablet, or whatever you want charged. The USB end will go into the power bank.

Note: the cord is short, only 10 inches. It was a snug fit and I had to push a little hard to get the micro-USB end in, but I did not have any problems with it falling out or becoming loose. If you want a longer cord, to maybe keep the power bank in your pocket while still being able to use the phone, you will have to use a longer micro-USB to USB cord.

2800 mAh capacity: This will fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S3.

This product is fairly straight-forward. I really like the design, the fact that it is so lightweight. I am upfront if there is something I don't like about a product, and there really is no downside to this one. The price is right for the capacity and it's a great thing to keep charged and on-hand to charge your devices while out and about. I really like using them at theme parks, as we tend to drain our devices while waiting in lines.

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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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