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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

0 MedCenter Traveler Review

Info from the company:
For the individual always on the go and concerned about keeping themselves in good health, Medcenter Systems has the resolution. Never again will you forget when to take your medication or vitamin supplements with a Medcenter Systems device. Now, you can keep track and avoid confusion about the proper dosage and timing for your vitamins and medications.

This system emphasizes the "Date" rather than the "Day of the Week." This repetition of the "Date" helps ensure consistency, even if the user is unsure whether it is Monday or Tuesday.​ Millions of Americans do not take their medicines correctly. People simply forget to take them, are confused about when and in what amount to take them, or lack the personal organization to carry out the daily task.

MedCenter has a wide assortment of organizers, timers and products to help you take your medicine on time. The product I am reviewing today is a more simple organizer but they have others that are more elaborate, can speak to you, reminding you to take your meds at a particular time. They have some truly amazing pill organizing systems and I encourage you to check them out. 

The product I  have here is the MedCenter Traveler. It has a black travel pouch that shuts with velcro. Inside you will find a different small pill organizer for each day of the week. Each one of these daily pill organizers have 4 separate little tabs for you to put your meds in. It's divided between Morning/Breakfast, Noon/Lunch, Evening/Supper, and Night/Bedtime. At each end of the daily pill organizer has the day of the week, with one end in red and other end in green. I love this so much. This way when you completed the day of pills, you can place it back into the traveler with the red side up so you know it needs to be filled. 

I like that this focuses on not only the day of the week, but gives you options to separate the pills into time of the day or meals of the day. For instance, if you are supposed to take a pill with breakfast and supper, you have compartments assigned to those time slots and can take them at the proper time of the day. 

I see this product being a huge help for anyone wanting to get their pills organized. I'm not necessarily on a lot of Rx meds, but I can use this for my vitamins as well. I take multiple types of vitamin B and do not want to take them all at the same time, so I don't become ill. This traveler is great for me to separate them. 

Please go to MedCenter and check out what they have to offer. 

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 


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