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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

0 Smart Weigh- Black Digital Food Scale- Review

Info from the company: 
An embodiment of function and form! The GLS20 provides accuracy and precision while incorporating a beautifully modern design. This scale is built for all of your cooking, baking, and household needs and utilizes leading industry technology with its high precision weight sensors. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology that assures each time you use the scale you are receiving a precise reading. It features a charming back-lit LCD that clearly displays your weights in multiple units. The scale's multi-unit capability includes; pounds, ounces, grams, milliliters, and cups and it simply and easily measure liquids, including milk and water! The stunning design is made possible by the easy-to-use touch buttons, which makes the experience of using this scale seamless and exciting. What sets the GLS20 apart from the rest is the confirmation click feature that allows users to know definitively which function or option they have selected. Enjoy the sleek, breakthrough design that is a result of the exquisite tempered glass construction. Thin, durable, and convenient, you can store this scale anywhere for easy access, and its build is of a durable and solid composition. Welcome to the next step in the evolution of kitchen scales. This scale has a capacity of 11 lb / 5kg and is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are provided. It includes a two-year manufacturer's warranty. 

We go back and forth with calorie counting and logging what we eat. Needless to say, having a quality food scale is paramount in keeping up with it.

My kitchen loves it's new Smart Weigh tempered glass touch kitchen scale. I say my kitchen loves it because it looks right at home there and I love it for so many reasons.

Out of the package you receive the scale, a manual and 4 AAA batteries.

I love that the batteries are included. They are hidden in the packaging and I didn't see them at first, so make sure you seek them out.

Setting it up is as simple as putting the batteries in and touching the glass where the "button" is. The top of the scale is tempered glass, so all of your button pressing is touch based, while you touch the glass at the tare and mode spots. There is no on/off switch. It will shut off on it's own after a period of time.

The display lights up with a blue background and the numbers are easily read. So sorry my pics don't reflect it that well, but the display is very clear. With each button press, it gives off a little beep.

By touching the mode button, it switches between the different, oz, g, ml, cups

What sets this scale apart from any other scale that I've ever used is that this one actually gives you measurement for liquid. It has a mode for both water and milk and it will give you the measurement in cups or milliliters. This is so very cool!

I really enjoy using this type of scale when logging my food. I just place my bowl down, press tare and am ready to measure whatever I want. When I want to add my next ingredient into the same bowl, I just press tare and can add my next item to measure. This makes logging calories so much easier.

I am very impressed by the quality of this scale and a little giddy about the liquid measurement function. I have only positive things to say and I highly recommend.

Where to buy:

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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