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Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 BBQ & Grilling Gloves For High Temperature Cooking Review

Info from the company:
Extreme 932°F EN407 Certified by Grill Master Gloves- Top Quality - Set of 2 Original 5 Mitts/Pot Holders - Thick and LightWeight -Flexible Silicon Striped for Ultimate Grip- 100% Cotton Lining For Great Comfort - Perfect For Oven Cooking, Baking, Grilling, Smoker, Microwaves, Wood Stove, Campsite, BBQ, Fireplace, Camping And More - Better than Kevlar/Satisfaction Guaranteed - Perfect for home or a gift.

No need to shop any further for the best oven gloves. Purchase with us and receive today: 

 A high technology exterior layer of premium quality fibers that insulate and protect from extreme high temperatures. They are thick but at the same time comfortable and flexible to use safely. 
 A high quality interior layer of 100% cotton lining for maximum comfort and durability 
No more burns due to the highest heat tolerance, handle all your hot food cooking or grilling both inside and outside the home even while you are away at a campsite or handling your smoker or wood stove.

Why Choose The Grill Master Gloves 

 The outer layer of the glove does not catch on fire, it also does not melt when exposed to an open flame, no need more any other gadgets to keep your hands protected 
They are perfect For Cooking / Baking / Barbecue / Grilling / Oven / Microwave / Fireplace / Camping and More 
Silicone strips on the palm & back of glove are anti slip allowing safer use 
 Ambidextrous right handed & left handed 
The outer layer of glove does not catch fire & does not melt when exposed to an open flame 
 Lightweight design allows your hands & fingers to move naturally while cooking or grilling, so you can use the glove safely and comfortably

My opinion:
These gloves are super thick and large. I'm thinking they were made with a large man's hands in mind. My little girly hands are swallowed up by them. You can see in the pics, with my finger pressed down, there is still extra glove. Like I said, they are thick, so they have some weight to them. 
They absolutely work though. I am pleasantly surprised at how well they do. I tried using them with taking hot items out of the oven and for the grill. Both instances, they've measured up. You can wrap up your potatoes in aluminum foil, put them directly on the rack or grill, and pick them up using these gloves without having to use extra utensils. 
The rubbery type writing and designs along the gloves are also heat resistant and are great for gripping. With the actual glove being bulky, it helps give me a little added grip. 
While using this, I immediately thought of my hubby with the grill and my brother who loves to have bonfires. How many times I've watched him reach in the fire to move a piece of wood, it's terrifying.
This pair of gloves is perfect for that. I even took a lighter and held up right up to the glove while my hand was inside, and I didn't even feel the heat. It just discolored the glove a little bit. 
Great note on the packaging that I didn't even think about, is that the glove protects you from heat through the glove but not hot liquids that can seep through, so if the glove gets wet, remove immediately. 
Bottom line is these gloves work great and as advertised. I do wish they were slightly smaller.
My hubby enjoys his and my brother is definitely getting a pair of these.  

Buy it on Amazon

Disclosure: I received this product to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are solely my own. No other compensation was provided. 


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