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Friday, January 30, 2015

13 Waterproof Dry Bag Review + Giveaway

 My kitty Locket has to be nosy :)

I recently got the opportunity to review the Skorch 10L Yellow Dry Bag. It is a waterproof bag that is so convenient to carry your camera, phone and other possessions around with you in all conditions, and the best part is they stay safe and dry. 

The bag I received is yellow, made up of a durable UPVC material. It's heavier than a typical cloth bag, but still small enough that it is still very lightweight.  As you can see, when you first open the package, it looks very long. Through the folding process, you end up using a little more than half the space you see unfolded. You can see from the unfolded pic, where the creases are and get the idea of the size and space allowance. 

Basically, you put whatever you'd like in the bag. You can see that I packed it with things I'd typically take on an outing for a day; water, bug spray, suntan lotion, phone, keys and sunglasses. Typically I'd also add a snack and camera for an outing, and there was plenty of room to put more than I did so they'd fit with no problems. You fold the top like you would a bag of chips, folding it over 3 times. As you are folding it compresses the air that is in the bag tightly, creating a seal, so that the bag is full of compacted air with your items and with the UPVC material also locks out air, water, etc. This makes it waterproof. 
Another aspect of this bag is that due to the air being compacted in with your items, it also provides a cushion for your camera, phone or devices to keep from getting damaged easily. If someone sat on or dropped your cloth bag with those items, they'd be damaged for sure. The air pocket of the skorch bag adds a little extra buffer which I enjoy. 
The strap hooks up at the top and side and is adjustable, so you can sling over your shoulder or wear it cross-ways for it to fit snugly on your back. 

I'm so pleased with the Skorch bag and I have to say, that it is refreshing to try out new innovative products such as this. I plan to take this with me to the beach, water parks and for other outings that we have. The waterproof skin is easy to clean, you simply wipe off with damp cloth. 

The pricing is extremely reasonable, at 14.99 and there are other sizes and styles available as well. 
Buy it on Amazon or win it here. 
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  1. My husband would love this to keep his clothes dry as a track and cross country coach

  2. I would use this to keep my belongings dry while snorkeling/scuba diving/swimming/etc. This would be great to have on the boat!

  3. I would use this at the beach when we snorkel every year on vacation. Also when we snowmobile in the winter.

    1. Your black cat looks exactly like mine, even the white mark on the chest!

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  5. Our spring break vacation.... I have been looking for a bag just like this one.

  6. I would use this when going to the beach this summer! A great way to keep my camera, phone and other things close by without getting sand or water on them. It would also come in handy during my annual trip to Guatemala.

  7. I would use this for when we go to the lake or to the beach!

  8. I would use this on a vacation or going to the beach. Your kitty is so cute.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  9. I would give this to my FIL. He enjoys sailings.

  10. I would use this bag at the beach and at my Mom's pool!!

  11. I could not enter the disposable gloves because it is over. I hope it is okay that I took the points?

  12. My hubby is an amateur photographer and he also loves cycling and water activity/sports. A lightweight smallish dry bag would be just perfect for his daily use in all kinds of weather ~ he likes to carry his camera (and phone, ipad and kindle with him pretty much everywhere!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger


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