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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

0 Hosezzle Hose Nozzle Review

The Hosezzle-uses an Ultimate Lightweight Sprinkler that is GREAT for Industrial and Garden Use
Shipping: shipped with Amazon prime. Received quickly and in-tact
Out of the box: Contained in plastic that you can easy pry open with your hands, no need for heavy duty scissors or anything.

Design / Aesthetics: I was surprised at how heavy this was. It is made of sturdy material with aluminum construction. It has a non-slip grip handle. 

Put it to use: I don't consider myself a dense person, but I was perplexed for a second when I saw this little warning sticker for Don't miss the gasket. I have to laugh at my stupidity now, because it is a friendly reminder that there is a little gasket in there that could fall out. I can see now that potential for you to rip the package open, the gasket fling out and you being completely unaware. 
That gasket goes between the sprayer and the hose itself. Without it, there would be leaks. So, easy peesy you screw it onto your hose. You turn the base to adjust the spray. It ranges from a gentle fan to a powerful jet stream. You can see below the two different settings. 

The spray fans out as wide and close, great for watering plants or a small garden. The powerful jet stream is good for spraying off driveways. It's not as powerful as a pressure washer in any way, but the spray is tight and shoots far. When it's turned all the way so that it is closed, there were no signs of leaking at all.

Check it out!
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