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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

0 MasterLock online shopping tips

Tis the season for online shopping, and with online sales expected to increase 13-15% this holiday season, it’s important to ensure online holiday experiences are safe ones. The holiday season should be fun and festive, and the joy of the season can be lost quickly if people interact with an un-safe website, lose important receipts or blow their budgets .

Master Lock and Mario Armstrong, Digital Lifestyle Expert™ have provided tips and tools to help navigate the holiday safety, securely and with as little stress as possible.

1.       Make smart online purchases. The convenience of online holiday shopping can quickly be derailed if you become a victim of identity theft due to sharing your credit card and shipping data with a non-secure site. Before entering any personal or financial information, check to make sure the website is secure.
2.       Click with caution. Consumers may be bombarded with link-heavy holiday emails this season sending well wishes or advertising hot gift items and sales. Consumers are advised to click links with caution to avoid a malware-spreading site.
3.       Set and track your budget. Avoid post-holiday regret or debt by setting a realistic budget and tracking your purchases to ensure you adhere to it. A variety of apps and websites can help you with your budget tracking goals, such as or the Master Lock Vault.
4.       Keep digital receipts. Easily file away receipts from your holiday shopping in one place to cross-reference purchase dates and totals with your bank and credit card billing statements to check for any unfamiliar charges, or to facilitate easy returns after the holidays.
5.       Don't leave a digital trail to your gift purchases. If you are using a computer that other family members use and don't want them to see what sites you've visited, enable your browser's private browsing feature when researching and buying gifts.

You can find a more detailed list here


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