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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

0 Lotty Dotty Review

I have a ten year old daughter who loves clothes and loves dressing up. She is a mix between girly girl and tomboy but when it comes to clothing, she wants to be stylish. When introduced to Lotty Dotty, I knew she would love it. 

Lotty Dotty is a clothing brand that has a unique concept to allow your child to not only pick which outfit they wear for the day, but to customize their shirts and be creative. With these T-shirts, they have a doll design on it and you actually remove / add which Lotty Dotty custom designed dresses you would like your doll to wear. This is much like the paper dolls we played with as kids and that is where the designers got the idea for the name Lotty Dotty. 

Lotty Dotty not only has T-shirts, but they have tote bags also. The doll on the shirt has a velco bathing suit and you can choose from a variety of dresses that have a velcro backing. You simply line it up with the design and stick on onto. The velcro keeps it on. 

When you buy a Tshirt, you pick the color shirt (White, Navy blue, Pink, or White with navy stripes)
Then you pick the size. It is sized by age.
Then you pick the girl you want for the design. The one I received it Scarlett, who has light skin and red hair. There are 5 dolls to choose from. Each doll automatically comes with a tutu dress and a powder dress. 
Last but not least, you can buy additional dresses. The outfits are designed by talented up-and-coming clothing designers from all over the world.

The brand focuses on recycling materials and allowing for several “t-shirt designs incorporated into one actual t-shirt.”
"About Lotty DottyFounded in 2009 by Shevanne Helmer and Maya Persaud, two American women living in Paris, France, the company has designed and patented a revolutionary line of high-fashion T-shirts featuring screen printed doll figures, that can be dressed interchangeably with Velcro-backed designer mini-outfits. Harking back to childhood memories of playing with paper dolls, Shevanne and Maya named the company Lotty Dotty after one of their early favorites. The company also serves as a showcase for unknown talented designers who create the mini-outfit collections, and are promoted on the company's website and packaging. LottyDotty uses organic and recyclable materials as much as possible and is dedicated to aiding women and children issues.  For more information, please visit"
 Here is the Tshirt we received. It is a white shirt, with Scartlett design and comes with a green tutu dress and a pink powder dress. 

The Tshirt is the Large. The Large fits her very well. The shirt is very soft and the dresses are easy to pull off  / put on. As soon as we received this, she was so excited and automatically wanted to know if she can get more dresses. She is usually one to complain of the arms of shirts being too tight and is incredibly picky with shirts because of it, but says this one is very comfortable. 

As a mom, I love the concept. If you are fashion conscious, then getting another outfit that was made by designers in France is awesome and you daughter will remember forever.  My daughter absolutely loves the product on the receiving end. She wants more dresses and another shirt that is in pink. It's a little pricey for a normal "mom" budget but her birthday is coming up in January and maybe she can be surprised with a new shirt or a dress for the doll for her birthday. 

They also have an app you can download and dress up the doll on the app. 
Check them out online

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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