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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

0 Book Review: Crazy Things Parents Text

 Crazy Things Parents Text Cover
You all have that person in your lives that is super funny and can make you laugh so easily. We also have those people in our lives that make us laugh because of the silly things they do or say. The book that I am reviewing highlights those so-silly moments that happen through texting with your parents. With hilarious examples on each page, this book will be sure to keep you in stitches.

Press Release: 
#1 Parent Texting Website Publishes Collection of Never-Before-Seen Texts
Crazy Things Parents Text Unveils Hilarious Messages Between Parents and Their Kids

Parents say the darndest things when they are talking with their thumbs (or with their index finger one…letter…at…a…time). Texting has opened up a whole new channel of communication between parents and their children and the result is, well, a collection of LOL, TMI, and WTH!

Coming this fall, Crazy Things Parents Text (ISBN: 9781402266256; September 2011; $10.99 U.S. / £6.99 UK; Humor; Trade Paper), by Stephen and Wayne Miltz, creators of the hilarious Web sensation, features the best, all-new, user-submitted texts from the website.

Crazy Things Parents Text also highlights:

      The Seven Phases of Textual Maturity: From typing IN ALL CAPS to out-texting your kids
      Text Translations: Abbreviations parents use (but shouldn’t) or terms parent texters should know (but don’t)
      No Texting in the House: Why text messaging has become the preferred mode of communication between parents and their kids (even if they’re in the same room)
      Insexts: Oh no, my parents don’t do THAT! Find out your parents are sexting (and doing other dirty things) draws 8 million page views a month, and is averaging well over 50,000 unique visitors per day.

About the Authors
Wayne Miltz is 30 years old and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He enjoys graphic design and is an Internet geek at heart. In 2007 he invested in Miltz Media. His mornings begin with surfing through his favorite blogs looking for witty posts to humor him. Off the web, he enjoys both tennis and aviation.

Stephen Miltz is 25 years old and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he recently graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in business management. He manages the business and content ends of the website.

My take on it:
Some books make you chuckle here and there, but this book is absolutely hilarious. I was cracking up the whole time. I read it from front to back at home, work and at the kids bus stops. Each page of the book is filled with funny examples of back and forth texts that people have exchanged with their parents. Some of the parents were super-sarcastic funny.....some sent dirty texts to their child by mistake.....some parents were just clueless and did not know how to text properly.
From cover to cover, it kept me laughing. My mom isn't very text savvy either and hasn't even gotten to the point where she sends me funny texts. When I call her to ask if she got my text, she'll ask me how to find texting again. Let her get a little more skilled and I'm sure I'll have my own entries. It was funny that while sitting at work, I'd be in the corner giggling to myself and my co-workers would have to keep asking me what I was laughing at at. Needless to say, I read a lot of the entries out loud to my shift-mates and the book got passed around to everyone.
I do want to stress that this is not a book for children! There is a lot of talk about sex and some bad language that I thoroughly enjoy but it wouldn't be so funny if your little one was repeating some of the things in this book. Some entries are pretty dirty. 
It would be great to have to the coffee table, or in a break room at work....somewhere everyone can enjoy it. I work in a 911 emergency center and this book is great for some much needed stress relief.
Share the laughs people, it makes for a happier day.
Find it online here. 
Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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