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Saturday, October 1, 2011

1 EcoSprout Laundry Detergent Review

I'd love to bring to your attention a Laundry Soap that is eco-friendly and made for your little ones clothes and diapers. Eco Sprout has a variety of all natural and safe laundry solutions. 
I'm coming at this review from a non-diaper perspective. Eco Sprout was originally made with cloth diapers in mind. It has a special formula that neutralizes the ammonia smell that you find in cloth diapers and in that regard, sets it apart from other leading natural detergents.
 eco sprout natural detergent
I wanted to try the detergent out with cloth diapers, however all of my new mommies around me have decided to go with disposables. Eco-Sprout is also great for your little one's clothes. Especially those with sensitive skin. It is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates, and is SLS Free. Not to mention that it is biodegradable. Other detergents that you may find will claim to be natural but really only be free of dyes and perfumes. This is a truly 100 % natural product. 

I tried it out with my children's clothing. They don't have sensitive skin, to say, but my daughter will complain about certain detergents making her itchy. I tried this detergent out with both the kids and grown-up clothes. The detergent itself is in powder form. It comes in these adorable pouches in earth tone colors. There are many scents available. (Fresh Linen, Warm Vanilla Sugar,Lavender Chamomile, Sandalwood Vanilla, In The Buff (Unscented), Ocean Blue, Baby Powder, Seasonal - Sweet Pumpkin Spice) 
I was sent the Lavender Chamomile and In the Buff. The Lavender Chamomile smells amazing and the In the Buff scent really does have no scent at all. If you're little one is sensitive to scented products, I'd recommend the In the Buff. In the package, comes with instructions for first-time users to soak cloth diapers in the detergent, to free them from any build-up left by other detergents. I did the same thing with my kid's clothes. I soaked them first and then washed them. 
The clothes came out still smelling great, with no residue left behind. I feel really good about using this product, because of it's natural benefits and the results in the clothes. The clothes were soft when I went to fold them. Just to cover all bases, I did try a load of our grown-up clothes and it did a great job with those too, cleaning my hubby's stinky work clothes. I think I'll be saving the rest for the kiddos clothes though. They deserve it.
Eco Sprout has more than just laundry soap. They also carry pail freshener, bottom balm, and bottom spray. The laundry detergent is available in 4 different sizes: 
  • 96 oz bag: 96 to 192 loads*      $24.98
  • 48 oz bag: 48 to 96 loads*        $13.98
  • 24 oz bag: 24 to 48 loads*         $7.98
  • 2 oz sample bag: 2 to 4 loads*     $1.75

Go check them out online and get social with Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.

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