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Sunday, August 7, 2011

1 Book Review: The Poisoned House by Michael Ford

I recently received a copy of The Poisoned House: A ghost story by Michael Ford.
From Amazon: Life can be cruel for a servant girl in 1850s London. Fifteen-year-old Abi is a scullery maid in Greave Hall, an elegant but troubled household. The widowed master of the house is slowly slipping into madness, and the tyrannical housekeeper, Mrs.Cotton, punishes Abi without mercy. But there's something else going on in Greave Hall, too. An otherworldly presence is making itself known, and a deadly secret will reveal itself---a secret that will shatter everything Abi knows.

The Poisoned HouseI normally don't do book reviews because I am not the best writer, but I do enjoy a good book. My book choices as of late have most mostly young adult fiction and juvenile fiction. I enjoy a wide range of books, however my 12 year old picks out some very good books. When he checks one out, I read it too and I get really into it and have to read the whole series and every other book from that author.
When given the opportunity to review this book written for teens, I jumped at the chance, so that I can give my opinion and also have my son read it. We both read it and I am so pleased to tell you how much I enjoyed it. The book didn't take that long to read, a couple of days for me in between work, blogging and sleep.(That is the cycle of my life these days) The grammar isn't hard to follow and the story draws you in.
The book is written from the point of view of a 14 year old girl, which from the teen reader, is a great perspective. The setting is a wealthy home in the 1850's, so that concept is completely foreign to our children. The idea of cleaning from sun up to sun down and being respectful out of duty. In my opinion, my children and teens of this day and age could learn a thing or two from that period. We are middle class living in a 2 bedroom home, so I can put myself in Greave hall and picture the beauty that it holds while I'm reading it.
Throughout the book, the villainous housekeeper keeps Abi under her thumb and there is a lot of mystery as there are secrets being held behind those doors. You have the mystery of murder, some romance (just a hint and written tastefully. Perfectly safe for children to read), and a great storyline of relationships between the characters.
I asked my son to write a little something about the book so I can include his opinion into this review. I was going to type it into here, but I thought it would be better if you saw his opinion in his own writing. It's adorable.
Isn't he cute? He reads books over and over when he loves them. Overall, I am very happy that I got the opportunity to read this book. It had me from beginning to end and had me involved in the storyline throughout.
You can buy The Poisoned House on Amazon. Also check out the Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.

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  1. I'll have to check this book out at the library, love ghost stories :)


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