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Sunday, August 7, 2011

1 (2 winners!) Blender Bottle Review and Giveaway Ends 08-31

I am not the best cook. I'm sure my family agrees. When I do cook, I usually look for a quick meal or ways to make my life a little easier preparing. The Blender Bottle helps me do just that. I can use it to mix drinks, creams, pudding, eggs, and just about anything you'd normal bled with a mixer or whisk.

From the site:

The Best Mixer since the Wire Whisk.

Gourmet cooks rely on the wire whisk to blend their ingredients into a smooth and light consistency. Now you can do the same with the BlenderBottle®.
The patented BlenderBall® wire whisk moves freely throughout the bottle as you shake it, mixing the thickest ingredients with ease. Now you can mix it smooth—anytime, anywhere!

The concept is great. The little round whisk goes inside the blender bottle and does all the work for you. I actually have used a different kind of mixing container for years but have issues with it.
The one that I've been using has a stationary mixer, and with the Blender Bottle, the whisk ball being inside it, it does a much better and quicker job mixing. My kids always have fun being the one to "mix" and always over-do it. It usually only takes about 30 seconds but my daughter doesn't know when to stop and let's just say that she gets it thoroughly mixed.

A huge plus for me is that the lid screws on and off. The one that I've been using pops on and off. With the Blender Bottle that screws on / off, I don't have to worry about the top popping off when I'm shaking it. Trust me, I tried it with mixing my pancake batter and the Blender Bottle top doesn't pop off. For some reason, pressure builds up with pancake batter (probably the yeast in it) and it always pops the top off of my old one. That mess is not fun to clean up!
The original BlenderBottle, that I received has a capacity of 28 oz, which is 3.5 cups. This is also bigger than my old one. I can easily fit the 2 cups of milk and powder mix for pudding. It is so convenient to mix it up in the BlenderBottle and pour into your bowls or containers.

Here's a couple pics from my scrambled eggs that I made this morning for the kids. It is so super easy to use and clean-up is a breeze. With the wide opening of the container, your hand can fit in there easily. It is also dishwasher safe on the top rack and you can even toss the whisk ball in with the silverware. 

Along with the awesome BlenderBottle, it came with a recipe book and an insulated sling.
The recipe book has 101 quick and easy BlenderBottle recipes. Here's some of my favorites:
Cheesy Green Beans
BlenderBottle Waffles
Quick Confetti Pasta Salad
Honey Mustard Dressing
Candy Bar Pie

The insulated sling is available in many designs. I picked mine out to match my BlenderBottle.+
From their site:
 NEW! Spandex for your BlenderBottle!

Now it’s even easier to take your BlenderBottle® brand portable mixer wherever you go. This handy insulated sling, made from durable Neoprene, has been designed to fit your BlenderBottle mixer perfectly and keep your drinks cooler longer. (Bottle not included)
It is convenient to bring that drink with you and no more sweaty bottles.
Making a drink on-the-go is so easy. You can make a smoothie, weight loss shake, iced coffee, chocolate drink, even mixed drinks, and there are so many other options. The sling has a latch so that you can clip it onto a bookbag, purse, gym bag or stroller. Take your Blender Bottle anywhere!

Overall, I am very pleased with the BlenderBottle. The price is very reasonable at 8.99. It would make for an excellent present or you can just stock up with a couple for the kitchen. You can find them online or use the store locator to find a store near you. Where I live, they sell them at my local GNC which is awesome.
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