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Thursday, July 21, 2016

0 Sumsonic Safety Ear Muffs Hearing Protection

Info from the company:
Sumsonic 34dB Noise Reduction Rating Ear **** is a good choice to protect your hearing from damage.
These don't eliminate noise completely, you may hear a slight noise. They reduce noise by 34db.)

ANSI S3.19 Tested & Certified (American National Standards Institute)
CE EN 351 Tested & Certified (European Standard)

Premium Quality & Industrial Grade

Sumsonic over-the-head Ear Muffs are designed to work in extremely loud enironment.
We use the highest quality material: 4 layers of exclusive noise dampening foam, solid cup design (about 0.25" thick) and clamping slot type assembly without screws.
All of these made it achieves an industry leading 34dB NRR.

Air-cushion Padded Head Band Ensures Comfortable Long Time Use
Comfort is important that is why Sumsonic headband uses air-cushion padded with synthetic leather.
It makes a "Snug Fit" to keeps the Ear Muffs on your head, even when you are sweating or doing tuff jobs!
What's more, the bands can be vertically adjusted to custom fit for both Child or Adult.

Compact and Lightweight folding design for efficient carrying & storage

Swivel Cup Design with Super Soft Foam

The Solid Cups can tilt and even swivel 360° for a custom fit. Sumsonic Exclusive Soft Foam cushions add more comfort and a better seal around your ears.

My thoughts:
I am really pleased with this pair of earmuffs. They are high quality and do a great job at muffling out sound around me while they are on. The earmuffs fit tightly against my head but they don’t put pressure on any one place more than another. This gives an even, comfortable fit. The ear portion fits completely over the ear, so that there is no pressure at all against the ear at all. The earmuffs rest on the side of your head around your ear.
I can see so many uses for these. My first thought was that they’d be great for the kids at the monster truck rally, concerts and fireworks demonstrations. They would also be great for use around guns or heavy machinery. My hubby joked that they would be great for me while I’m sleeping to drown out the noises from the daily bustle and kids during the day and I completely agree. They work great for that. They would also work out great for the kids to get sleep in the car on road trips, without being woken up by the other family members talking and playing music.
I received this product at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest opinions. No other compensation was provided.


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