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Thursday, December 10, 2015

0 Gotofine 5x Magnification Double Sided Hand Mirror

This handheld Double sided mirror features an 5x distortion free glass on one side and 1x reverse side, plus the included stand allows for hands free use of the 5-inch size mirror, which allows you to see the tiniest detail. 

About the Product
  • Excellent 5X Magnification on 1 Side and Regular on the Other Side
    5-inch size optical quality glass mirror
    Great as a hand mirror and a hands free stand mirror
    All Gotofine mirrors are precision made of the highest quality optical glass

A mirror is the true reflection of beauty. Most people overlook the fact that a good, high quality mirror is one of the most important beauty tools that you can have. If we lived in a world without mirrors, everyone would be walking around with lip stick on their upper lip or mascara on their eyebrows. When it comes to beauty, a mirror is your BFF. All Gotofine mirrors are precision made of the highest quality optical glass. Aesthetically appealing, functional and suitable for a variety of needs. Providing both regular and magnified vision capabilities ranging from 3 to 20 times magnification, Danielle mirrors come in a variety of styles including countertop, wall mounted, handheld and suction.

My thoughts: 
This Gotofine Double sided mirror is unique and high quality. 

I was surprised at the size when I opened it. It's fairly large, but still easy to hold in one hand when needed. The edges and support are a clear plastic which goes with everything.It's got some weight to it, so feels hefty in my hand, so it doesn't have a delicate mirror feel to it, like I'm going to break it. 

On one side, you have a normal mirror and the opposite side, you have a mirror magnified 5X. What makes this mirror different than any that I've had in the past is how it is positioned. Instead of a rigging, or frame support, this mirror has the simplest settup I've seen. There is a clear plastic piece that has a hole in one end. You simply place the mirror handle into that hole. The plastic props it up for easy use. You can position the angle you want easily by sliding the handle further into the base. 

For easy storage, you simple take the handle out of the base and it can be stored flat. I actually kept the box, so I store it inside that. 
I found this mirror unique in it's design, very attractive to look at and made of high quality. I find that I use it more when I am plucking my eyebrows more than anything and it sits at a nice angle for me to do that. The 5X magnification is nice to get a close look. 

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 


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