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Monday, November 30, 2015

0 Bamboo Cutting Board - Natural Eco Friendly Non-slip - Awesome Serving Tray Gift

Bamboo Cutting Board - Natural Eco Friendly Non-slip - Awesome Serving Tray Gift

The beautifully crafted Leading Gourmet bamboo cutting board is ideal for your kitchen. It's time to move away from plastic and glass boards that can harbor bacteria and dull your knives. Instead we offer you a natural, non-porous, microbial free alternative. Made of 100% natural bamboo that is durable, versatile and lightweight.

Why choose the Leading Gourmet bamboo cutting board?
• Bamboo absorbs very little moisture and consequently does not shrink or swell making it a superior choice
• Bamboo products lessen the stress on the world's forests and are a self-regenerating natural resource• In terms of strength, they are about 16% harder than maple wood, lighter than regular wood
• It's harder to scar a bamboo board with a knife, yet soft enough not to cause damage or make your knives blunt, making it the perfect work surface to chop & slice on
• Our boards have been designed with non-slip silicone edges, ensuring that they do not move around on your granite kitchen counter tops
• Some bamboo cutting boards are glued together with adhesives that have formaldehyde in them, which could eventually leak into and contaminate food. This is NOT the case with Leading Gourmet, who ensure a non-toxic product
• We offer two color variants of the silicone edges & teal green and dark blue so you can easily match it to your kitchen and household color scheme
• The boards are large measuring approx 11.5x15.7in and comes with a built in handle for hanging
- CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our bamboo boards are treated with a light mineral oil application before they leave the factory. They will require a regular coating to keep them in tip top condition, providing you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Hand wash with gentle dish soap and warm water - AVOID soaking your board and do NOT use in the dishwasher!

My thoughts:

This is a nice quality bamboo cutting board. I've had a few and this one is quite large. It's 16x12 and is plenty big enough to cut up your vegies and such for meals. The bamboo is eco-friendly and very nice looking. This particular cutting board has silicone corners that have round "feet" to keep it balanced and stationary. The feet keep it from moving around.
The bamboo is knife-friendly and not easily scratched by the knife you are using. It has a heavy duty feel and weight to it. Even though it is very sturdy, it has a very nice appeal to it. The bamboo looks great in any setting. You don't have to hide this cutting board. It can remain out on display, adding an accent to your kitchen.
You should hand wash and never put it in the dishwasher. There are oils that can be used to further treat and maintain the life of your bamboo cutting board also.
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