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Friday, September 11, 2015

0 WEDGNETiX magnetic building blocks

ImagAbility, makers of the original international building block brand, WEDGiTS™, today announced that its newest attraction, WEDGNETiX™, magnetic WEDGiTS, are now available. Perfect for Back to School learning as well as early holiday shopping season.

The amazing new WEDGNETiX (MSRP $39.99 and $69.99 for 16-piece and 32-piece sets) unlocks a new construction potential of WEDGiTS building block toys.
WEDGNETiX were created to add even more open ended play patterns for children.  With WEDGNETiX, a child, or adult, can explore complex geometry and greater visual appreciation for 2D to 3D relationships. It sounds technical, but it is really just fun and kids don’t realize how educational it is.
The unique part about WEDGNETiX is the amazing building process it provides. With WEDGNETiX, you can create original 2D designs that include a square, a rectangle and a hexagon. This is accomplished through the WEDGNETiX design that has a magnet within each component.  Specifically, each WEDGNETiX bar has an embedded magnet on one end and a metal cap on the opposite end. This allows two WEDGNETiX bars to fully rotate around each other for a 360-degree rotation. With WEDGNETiX, you can rotate one half of a hexagon upward to reveal a 3D representation of a hexagon. 
WEDGNETiX do not require instructions like other popular building block products. WEDGNETiX follow the WEDGiTS toy line in that it’s open-ended design allows kids to create freely. ImagAbility does provide design ideas for kids to progress from 2D into 3D constructions, however, there isn’t any “only one way to do things” step-by-step instruction.

My thoughts:
My kids have fun playing with these building blocks. They have magnets at each end and can be positioned to each other to create fun designs. The blocks have different lengths, so you can have fun creating structures and shapes.
I like the colorful and creative book that comes along with the kit, with ideas on things to make. It's funny to see the difference in the thought process between my children and myself. I was making even, symmetrical shapes and the kids make them all over the place.
My kids are older, but the size is great for smaller children to grip. The cardboard box they came in is rather thin and got dented up after a couple uses, so we put them in a ziploc bag for storage.
My kids really like them and I highly recommend.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. 


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