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Sunday, July 26, 2015

0 Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale

Info from the company:
Hello! We are GREATER GOODS. We strive to make best-in-class products while giving back to great organizations. Greater goods for the greater good.

GREATER PRODUCTS: Here's what we think makes this scale a Greater Good. 1) Accurate Measurements 2) Easy-to-Read Display 3) Beautiful Design 4) Optional Smartphone Tracking 5) Optional Weightless Weighing

My take on it:
I was intrigued by the sync option with this Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale by Greater Goods. It was very easy to setup and use.

The design is very attractive. It has a black bottom portion with glass top. It has some weight to it and lays even with the floor - no wobbling.

I love that the 4 AAA batteries are included. You just have to remove the little piece of plastic and you are good to go.

You can use this by itself or download the app for extra guidance and tracking. To use the scale, you simply step on it and it will activate with a lit up Hello with a bright blue background. It will display your weight and a QR code.  You can assign users by touching the glass where Sel is for a few seconds and move up and down between 8 user settings. You can assign whether you want it to show as traditional or weightless.

This is an awesome feature of this scale. It will show your weight normally (traditional) or you can choose weightless. That will also include the difference that you are since your last weigh-in, whether it's plus or minus. I find that encouraging toward weightloss goals.

The app was easy to find and download. You have to create an account and sign-in. They have it set to show your daily tracking of weigh-ins. You simply take a pic of the QR code that is displayed on the scale with your phone and it will input the weight for you. It works for me fine holding the camera tummy level and pointing camera down to QR code. Realistically, it would be just as easy to add the weight manually but it is a fun addition to the scale. I do like that the app keeps track of your weigh-ins.

The scale will actually detect the user based on your weight within 10 pounds of your last weigh-in, so if you have multiple users that are more than 10 pounds from each other, you won't have to go select the user each time. You can just step on and it will detect your user based on your weight.

Overall, I am pleased with this scale. Using the app seems like a bit of overkill if you are just stepping on as a casual weigh-in. It could help if on a weighloss journey. It would be awesome if the weight went to the app via bluetooth or wirelessly without having to scan anything each time. I noticed that if I weigh myself and step off the scale, and weigh myself again, the number is slightly off than the first time. I don't know if it's the way I am standing with my weight distribution or what,but it seems to stay within a pound at that time.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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