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Saturday, July 25, 2015

0 Azio Hue Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

Info from the company:

Azio Hue Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

Visually striking, the Hue Series will definitely become a highlight to your work space.

Without the hassle of wires, you’ll be able to type anywhere within thirty feet of the wireless receiver.

To enhance this wireless experience, the keyboard includes a wireless mouse with subtle color accents to pair nicely with the Hue keyboard.

Both devices use the same USB receiver, making it perfect for those with limited USB ports.

The Hue series keyboard is available in the delicious colors berry blue, candy pink, and lime green.

My take on it:

When I first saw the Azio keyboard and mouse set, the fun colors stuck out right away. I actually love them all but ended up choosing the pink set. It was a hard sell though, cause I still really want the green and the blue.

Why choose this set?
Fun colors
Wireless - both keyboard and mouse
Comfortable typing
Batteries included
Only one USB plug for both

Keyboard: The keyboard is full sized including the 10 key number pad. The awesome thing is how lightweight it is. You can pick it up and put it in your lap. The keys are extremely comfortable. They have a very soft touch to them, so make little noise as you are typing. (I am typing this review on the keyboard right now) There are light indicators at the top right of the keyboard for battery, caps lock, and number lock.

Mouse: The size is average. It's comparible to the wireless mouse I was using before this. It has your standard 2 buttons with a clickable scroll wheel. A plus that this mouse has that my previous one did not is a DPI button just behind the scroll wheel. That controls the speed in which your mouse moves around the screen. I personally like the mouse fast, but it can be adjusted as needed with that button instead of having to go into your control screen.

Pairing: This is what I found truly unique about this set. They both share the same USB plug. It is located inside the battery compartment of the mouse. Plug the batteries in, turn it on and plug the USB into your computer. You should be good to go.

Customer service: Mine did not pair right away. The keyboard did but mouse did not. I called the Azio company and they helped me pair it over the phone. Super nice staff and extremely helpful.

I am incredibly pleased with this keyboard and mouse set. They are working great and so much better than what I was using before. I like that I can bounce back and forth, using them for my laptop and my PC. It really is worth it for the price.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
 Reference ID code pmbee591b8364d3cabc206bb2dab22be3e


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