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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

0 Salad Container Serving Cup (Set of 2)

Info from the company:
- Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable
- Made With Highest Quality Plastic BPA Free
- Convenient 2 ounce container for dressing
- Hand wash to retain The plastic's beauty

- No More Soggy Salads
- Elegant design is perfect for serving salads without making a mess
- Easy To Clean
- Keep Your Salads & fruits fresh, cool and crispy

My take on it: 
We eat salads almost daily and eat as healthy as we can - when we can. I also try to pack my own lunch for work. When I saw how large these salad containers were, I was excited to try them out.

The package contains two salad containers. Each one has a small cup for dressing that fits into the lid and a fork that nests into the side, locking into the lid's rim.

The containers are rather large and hold a full salad with extras. I have been using it to take salad to work this week. The lid closes securely and makes it easy to shake the salad to spread the dressing around.

The containers that hold the dressing don't have the greatest seal, so they have a tendency to leak if knocked over. They hold a decent amount of dressing. I only need to fill it about halfway for the amount of salad I use in the cup. The cup will pop back into the space in the lid and won't fall out. I have to keep it upright in my lunchbox so the dressing won't spill out.

The fork that is included has it's own spot on the side and it stays in place by fitting into a space around the lid's rim. The fork is very flimsy....not quite as bad as a disposable plastic fork, but the teeth bend significantly while I am trying to stab the harder portions of lettuce and tomatoes. None of the teeth have broken yet, but I've been very careful with it. I actually tried to replace the plastic fork with one of my metal ones from home and the handle is too small for the space.

I think that this product could make some improvements (leak-proof the dressing cup and get a stronger fork) but that hasn't stopped me from using it everyday this week. The size is perfect to fit in my lunch box and I love that I have my salad ready-to-eat. After pouring the dressing, it will spill out over the top and side of the little dressing container, so I actually store it inside the salad container until I can get home to wash it.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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