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Saturday, June 6, 2015

0 Flexible Cutting Mat Promotion

Info from the company:
Flexible Cutting Mat

Set of 4 Durable, Flexible, Compact, Light Weight and Practical Kitchen Cutting Mat with Food Icons - Eco-friendly

• Tired of using that Big cutting board for a sandwich or small job? This set is convenient and portable for easy clean up.

• Made with ECO-friendly material and anti-slide properties with a beautiful look

• Food icons and measuring scale. It's non-toxic and safe with BACTEKILLER protection

• Bendable for easy transfer of food. Environmentally friendly, made of TPE & PP.

• Compliments large cutting board for efficient and food separation by category.

My take on it:
This set of flexible cutting mats is just that.....flexible.
They are super thin mats, with the feel and flexibility of a plastic folder. There are 4 mats in the set. Each one has a little symbol in the corner to represent a different type of food....meat, fruits vegies and seafood. If you stick to using only that type of food on that mat, you can avoid cross-contamination.

I like that each mat has a grid and ruler along the bottom. That can help with cutting things evenly. There is an oval opening at the corner that makes it easy to hang in your kitchen.

What sets these cutting mats apart from others that I've tried is the flexibility and the ability to heal itself.

Obviously the selling point is the flexibility. You can bend it very easily which makes it easy to cut up your food, bend it slightly and push your food off into your bowl or pan.

Unlike other cutting mats I've used in the past, these are unique in the fact that they have the ability to self-heal. I honestly don't understand the technology behind it, but when the knife scrapes it, the material will flex for the knife and there won't be any slashes or nicks left behind from the knife swipes. This for me, is the best part of these cutting mats.

Overall, I am really happy with them. They are great for a quick cut of ingredients, especially when space is an issue. The mats do slide around quite a bit if you are cutting something that requires a little bit of force, so keep that in mind and be careful.
I received this product for a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Reference ID: pmb1501a9528a292585b7e90e8708143f1


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