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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

0 Sentey BTrek Bluetooth headphones review

Info from the company: 
  • 3.5 mm AUX line in allow music playback from various sources even when not charged
  • Deluxe carry hard case for easy transportation & care - Tri-Fold headphone for easy storage - Foldable headphones for easy storage and transport with passive canceling noise extremely comfortable in your ears and over your head
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life - 40mm Drivers , Impedance: 32ohm , Frequency Response 20-20.000Hz , Sensibility 106dB+3dB, Polymer Lithium Battery you can control volume , tracks and many more from the easy access sensibility buttons located in the Front right of the Headphones.
  • Bluetooth Headphones Built-in Mic for handsfree functionality Transmission Distance up to 10 Meters omnidirectional microphone that picks up your voice without having to talk directly into it for hands free functionality let you chat using any of actual applications as Skype , Voip Phone Services, Cisco Jabber Ms Lync let you convert any Smartphone or Bluetooth Device in a Cordless phone. - Headphone Gaming Headset Wireless Headphones Gaming Headset - Gaming Headphones - Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone - sport bluetooth headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Gaming Headset Bluetooth
  • AUX line in allows music playback from various sources even when not charged, you can use any aux line out from any device or any music player on Cars, Speakers, Cell Phones, Computers, Imac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Surface , Surface Pro 2 3 , Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note, Apple Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Sony Xperia , Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Lg Phones , Blackberry , Amazon Fires, Htc , android , iOS or windows phones or any new device Laptop, Notebook or smartphone with 3.5 Aux Out Lets you connect with the analog connection of Playstation 4 Gamepad Audio in and any Pc or Mac Sound Card AUX in

My opinion:
I've tried out many different Sentey products and this is my new favorite.
I received the Sentey Bluetooth BTrek Headphones.

I've tried many different headphones and earbuds, especially recently. I tend to gravitate toward the products that are bluetooth enabled so that I can move around freely without being encumbered by cords. When given the opportunity to try these headphones out, I jumped at the chance.

The packaging is very professional looking. It has a tab that flips open to reveal a picture of the BTrek headphones but you don't actual see them until the package is opened. Inside you will find an oddly shaped rounded carrying case that is fairly large. The case is black and zippered. When you open it, you will find a mesh pocket on one side and an elastic strap on the other side that holds your folded pair of headphones.  Also included in the package is a user manual, male to male audio cable and USB to male charging cable.

The headphones are black and grey. They have a dull finish and are very edgy looking. The headset has padding underneath, so it fits comfortably when resting on your head. It has a rubbery feel to it, which helps keep it from moving around. Each side can be adjusted larger if you'd like. I didn't have to adjust mine at all. The smallest size is perfect for my head.

There are fairly large ear pieces, like you typically find with gaming headsets. I personally prefer that style because my ears completely fit into the opening in the cushion. That way I don't have any pressure on my ears. The cushions rest on the side of my head. This also helps with noise cancellation.

Each side is marked for Left and Right. I like that it is designed that the control buttons are located on the back of the left side, so you control them with your left hand. The middle button controls the power (on/off), phone calls (answer/disconnect) and media (play/pause).
The top and bottom buttons control the volume (up/down) and media (previous/next).
The LED lights up blue/green/red. The reason I like that the button with the LED is placed in the back is so that it doesn't reflect on my computer screen while I'm playing a game or watching a movie.

These headphones are so high-tech. When you power on, a computerized female voice says "Power on, pairing" and "Your device is connected" when it's ready. When it disconnects, she says "Your device is disconnect" which I thought was really funny.

The sound quality is amazing. I can't even turn my volume all the way up with them on, as they have a very loud and clear sound. While I'm watching movies, they give a nice stereo quality.

The bluetooth works throughout my entire house. With wireless earbuds I've tried, the signal is lost when you leave the room, but with these headphones, I can walk to other rooms of the house and the walls don't interfere with the signal.

To fold the headphones, you have to make sure each side is pushed down all the way and not extended, then simply fold them down. They fit in the case easily once folded.

If you are listening to something through your cell, and a call comes in, it will play a generic ringtone in your ear, while your custom ringtone will play on your cell. To answer, you just press the middle button. To disconnect, just press it again and your phone will resume what it was doing before the call came in. I don't talk on the phone a lot and rarely would need to do that, but I did a couple test calls and the line was clear on both ends of the conversation.

If you want to use these with a device that is not bluetooth capable, you can use the included male to male audio cable. I use this when I want to use the headphones for my PC.

I am very impressed by these bluetooth headphones. They have been my most favorite thing all week and have been my constant companion. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them.

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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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