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Friday, May 15, 2015

0 Magnifeko Herb Scissors

Info from the company:
5 TIMES AS FAST Herb scissors with 5 blades perfectly tear & shred herbs 500% faster than kitchen shears. They're the best kitchen scissors for anyone who cooks with fresh herbs!
SOFT COMFORTABLE GRIP Kitchen scissors silicone handles allow you to hold tightly with no discomfort, making these herb scissors a pleasure to use
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Stainless steel kitchen scissors won't bend, rust or corrode. Ultra sharp herbs scissors blades hold their edge well
INCREDIBLY VERSATILE Not just great herbs scissors! Also the best garden shears & shredding scissors
• SIMPLE CLEAN-UP GUARANTEED Just place the kitchen shears in the dishwasher after cooking or gardening!

My take on it: 
This is another one of those products that you don't realize how great they are until you have one.
Basically it's a pair of scissors with 5 blades, which doesn't seem so very extraordinary, but when it saves you so much time with chopping up herbs and when you need to cut up vegies really small.
The blades are very sharp and make that snip snip sound when you close them that you'd expect from scissors.
For the purposes of this review, I cut up a couple bay leaves to show the size of the bits after they are cut, but for my cooking needs, I will most likely be using these to cut up parsley and green onion more than anything else. The scissors cut clean and you can move through it very quickly.
I like that they come with their own protective sleeve, so they can be stored in a position where you know they are closed and secure.
Very nice!
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 


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