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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

0 LED Book Light Hands Free Adjustable Reading Light

Info from the company:
Use your new NeckFlex Adjustable LED Hands Free Light for Reading, Crafting, Grilling, Night Walking, Camping, Boating and so much more!

Simply wrap your NeckFlex around your neck, turn on the lights to the proper intensity and enjoy HANDS FREE work.

Additionally, you can wrap your NeckFlex Light to aim the light where you need it. No matter what the job, the NeckFlex LED Light is easy to use and comes in handy.
Need to check on something in the middle of the night. Just grab your NeckFlex to light the way!
•SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTS! High, medium and low settings. Each light head operates independently.

•FLEXIBLE ARMS. Steel alloy arms are flexible and strong - they point and hold the lights in any direction. Arms are covered with soft foam.

•HANDS-FREE. Keep your hands comfortably free while you read, do crafts, projects and tasks.

•Runs on 2 AAA Batteries - (not included).

•LED: High Intensity, Spot Beam, Wide Angle or Combination

•LIGHT LEVEL CONTROL, Turn on 1,2,3 or all 4 LEDs

•4 LEDs Total,2 LEDs Each Arm (1Spotlight Led,1 Wide Angle LED)

•EXTRA-LONG RUN TIME - up to 40 hours

•FLEXIBLE ARMS - Steel Wire Construction, Foam Covered

My take on it:

In our family of four, my son, my daughter and I are avid readers. We all have our own reading preferences. My son likes reading on his tablet, I use an older version Kindle, and my daughter wants to hold the actual book. I encourage them to read as much as possible and that includes in the car. The problem with my daughter and I encounter in the car, is there is no light source. That makes it difficult to read and can put strain on your eyes. I find that trying to read in the car will even give me a headache from the strain on my eyes. That is why I was looking forward to trying out the Neck Flex adjustable LED hands free light.

Unlike book lights that I’ve used in the past, this light rests around your neck while the LED lights are pointed down and toward your book. This product requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included. The battery compartment is what rests on the back part of your neck. The arms that extend out are flexible with a wire of some sort inside and foam covering. This way you can position it where you want and they will stay in place. With the foam, it is soft against your skin.

While my focus is on reading with it, there are so many other uses for it. You can use it for grilling, exercise, camping, etc. With the ability to twist the arms, you can wrap it around your umbrella handle, bag handle, stroller, or wheelchair also and point the lights where you need them. You control each light separately so you control the level of lighting for each one.

At the end of each arm, where the LED light is, there is a plastic button. Pressing the button cycles between different levels of lighting. (focused, wide angle ,both at same time, then off) I am impressed with the light. I was a little concerned because the packaging looked a little rough when I first received it and I had an issue with the battery door not closing. I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement very quickly and I experienced such great customer service with the company to make sure I was happy.

My daughter, who likes to read actual books has taken control of the neck light and uses it ALL the time.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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