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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

0 Infernal Magnetic Phone mount review

Product Description (from company)
TOP RATED ✔ INITIAL SALE AT 19.99$ FOR FIRST 500 UNITS - Magnetic phone mount has a futuristic design and will work with many different types of smartphones, eliminating the need to use bulky clamps as with standard phone mounts
EXTREME SUCTION ✔ This baby really sticks! Industry-leading suction gel will stick on almost any flat surface. If gel loses stickiness, simply rinse under water and air dry to restore the suction. Use on your windshield, dashboard, office desk, kitchen counter or even your golf cart!
VERSATILE MANOEUVRABILITY ✔ Contact surface with smartphone can rotate 360° and swivel from side to side, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle. The magnetic top is reversible so you can actually brace a larger device against the base for additional stability. No other type of phone cradle can boast this useful feature!
BONUS GIFT ✔ While the magnet mount sticks almost anywhere, no suction cup sticks to 100% of dash boards with textured surfaces. As a FREE BONUS, we've included an adhesive disk (5.99$ value) in case you need it. We stand by our product and offer a risk-free 5 year warranty.
PROTECTS YOUR PHONE ✔ Rubberized contact surface works perfectly with the magnets so that your phone is protected from scratches and so that it won't slide off! The four strong magnets provide the peice of mind that your phone will be held gently but firmly exactly where you need it to stay. Mutiple ways of inserting the metal plate guarantee that you will be able to use your phone with this product! Simply hold your device near the magnetic head and it will attach firmly to the phone mount.
Shipping: shipped with Amazon prime. Quick delivery and package was in-tact.
Out of the box: You receive the phone mount, a rectangle metal piece, round metal piece, a support base, and instructions. 

Design / Aesthetics: I was surprised at how small and light it was. All of the similar products I've seen in stores seemed so much bigger in the past. 
Put it to use: 
Right away, I was nervous about the idea of some magnet being on my phone and doing damage. Now I am appeased to the fact that it's not the magnet I should be concerned about, but the metal scratching the surface of my phone. 
Here's what I did. As you can see in the pic above, I have an Otterbox case for my phone. (Galaxy S3) I put the metal piece between the soft rubbery part and the hard case. With the ones I received, the rectangle one did not have a sticker for attachment, where the small round one did. I wanted maximum magnet power, so I went with the larger one. It stays quite secure between the two layers of the phone case.
The part of the mount where the magnet is adjusts all around, so you can get a good angle no matter where you put it. On the bottom, there is a gel-ee type of rubber that is super sticky and suction onto most surfaces. Once you place it down, you clamp the middle tab down to get the last bit of air out for complete suction.
That's it, you hold your phone over the mount, and the magnets will attract, holding the phone securely onto the mount. I opted to put my phone mount on the window upside down, as that worked out better for my car. The surface of the dashboard is dimpled and didn't get as good of suction as the window. There is a base that came with it, in case of those situations. The base has a sticker back, that you can attach to surfaces like my dashboard. Then you just suction the mount to that base instead. I don't want any sticker gong onto my dashboard, so that's why I went with the window. 
This is not limited to the car though, you can keep it stationary in one place, or move it all around. Use it on your desk or even in the kitchen to hold your phone so that you can use it as a reference with a recipe, instructions, etc.
Being that this came with 2 metal plates, you can put them on 2 different phones. Mine are going in mine and hubby's phone cases. 

Buy it on Amazon

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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