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Thursday, May 14, 2015

0 Ezy Pruners Pruning Shears review

Easier Cuts With Less Effort Makes Pruning A Breeze!

A great solution to allow gardeners to enjoy greater cuts with less effort, while getting more pruning done!
This magnificent ratchet mechanism saves you time in the garden, while providing increased leverage with it's 3-stage ratchet system for anything you cut up to an inch in diameter. From branches, flower stems, etc...

The non-stick, teflon coated, Sk-5 blade slices through just about anything in it's way! Many gardeners will be able to benefit from using this and will love it as a gift to use almost anytime of the year. Particularly as spring approaches!

My opinion:
I have been looking forward to using these pruning shears. Up to this point I've been using a pair of limb clippers that have long handles and cut in a scissoring fashion.

The ratcheting function on these pruning shears make all the difference. When opening up the package I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy they were. I have very small hands and the grip was nice. When cutting very small limbs, I am able to cut them with ease. When you start to cut the limbs about the diameter of my pinky, the ratchet function kicks in. When you squeeze the first pump, the ratchet kicks in and holds the shears in place. Then you can continue squeezing pumps until the limb is cut all the way through. I can handle most with only one hand, but with the larger ones, I need to use two hands for strength.

I trimmed the bushes in front of my home and a small tree. It worked very well with both. The largest limb I attempted was about the size of my thumb and it did take me both hands. I didn't try any bigger than that.

When done, make sure to clean up the blade and any debris that might be in the groove. Close them, and lock them closed with the little black latch that rests between the two handle pieces. This will keep them closed for storage and ensure that the blade isn't exposed.

The company also provided a gift of a successful pruning tips guide which I found very useful.  These are hands-down better than my previous pruning shears and I'm just giddy about how well they work.

Very nice!

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