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Friday, April 3, 2015

0 USB Reading Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck

Info from the company:
FEATURES - Two extra bright LEDs with two steps of adjustable brightness via switch
DESIGN - Flexible flex neck gooseneck arm will bring light to your favorite position. On/Off Switch
COMPATIBILITY - Fits all devices with a Powered USB port: Laptops, Netbooks, PCs, Macs, USB Hubs and Wall chargers
USE - Great for home, remote/travel, study or office use. No batteries needed - light is powered by USB line power.
PORTABLE - Lightweight at 1oz. Made of durable plastic and metal materials.
Lumenate Reading Lamp
The Lumenate Reading Lamp is perfect for anyone who needs a little reading light now and then. Great for home, work, travel or recreation. The flex arm extends to shed light just where you need it!
This reliable light features a 12 inch gooseneck arm with 2 LED lights, On/Off switch and adjustable brightness settings. The sensitive quick touch light switch features three settings - On One Light | On Two Lights | Off

I go back and forth using my laptop and PC. The problem that I usually encounter with my laptop is that I can't actually see the keys. Where I don't need the keys to type normally, I always end up having to put a light on or strain to see the keys when I need to use Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, F5, etc. I can't type numbers by memory either, so have to strain for those as well.
This is a product that I never realized I needed until I had one. With this USB light, it shines light onto my keyboard and is amazing! It is such a relief to actually see my keys that I am trying to type.
The product itself is very simple and easy to use. You simply plug the USB into your laptop, and move the gooseneck around to where you want it. The USB fits snugly for me with no movement. The light stays in place, once you get it where you want. The control is a button on the top. It will turn on either one LED light or both LED lights, depending on how bright you need it.
It focuses the light into a certain area, so your keyboard is lit up nicely. This is not a flashlight that lights up the whole room and your keyboard just happens to share in the fun. It's more concentrated.
I also tried it with a USB wall outlet and it works with that as well. Most outlets aren't in the greatest place for that to be convenient, but I found that the one in my kitchen is at a great level for this light to be of use. You can even use it with a portable power bank and it works great.
Once you are done using it, you can move it to where it is flat and store it. I keep mine in the bag with my laptop.

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Disclosure: Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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