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Thursday, April 30, 2015

0 Selfie Stick -Professional 2-in-1 Bluetooth Review

Works Great with all versions of Gopro (Hero 4, 3, 2 and 1), Digital Cameras, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and many other Smartphones.
Backed by 1 Year Warranty
Light weight but sturdy design. Allows for product rotation and tilting.
Product extends up to 39"
Built in Bluetooth Shutter Button, no need for any other devices beside the selfie stick

I'm late coming to the selfie stick party. This is the first opportunity getting to try one. While doing my research and seeing what this product has that others don't, I am really glad to have this one.
I received the Selfie Stick -Professional 2-in-1 Bluetooth Wireless Extendable Self-Portrait Monopod with Adjustable Grip. It works with GoPro 1, 2, 3, and 4, bluetooth enabled digital cameras, iPhones, smartphones and any other bluetooth enabled devices you may have. The selfie stick and attachments are well-made. The stick extends out to 39 inches which gives you a wide range of options for angles and distance. It's bluetooth enabled, so you take pictures with a button on the handle.
This is a great product to take selfies from different angles and capture your outfit as well as just your face. It's also great for usies (what those crazy kids are calling group selfies but I can't seem to take to that term) You can fit your group into the pic with the selfie stick, where I couldn't have done that before with just the reach of my arm.
The packaging was a plain brown box, that contained a plastic sleeve with indention for each piece.
It did not come with any directions, so I had to pretty much wing it. The multiple pieces made me fearful at first that it would be difficult, but it really isn't. Out of the box, you receive:
-Selfie Stick
-Small device mount
-Large device mount
-Gopro mount
-Micro-USB to USB charging cord
After a few minutes of trial and error, here are some basics to using this product:
-Turn the selfie stick on at the bottom of the stick
-Go to your bluetooth settings on your phone and connect to the selfie stick (On my phone it shows as DSQX and I have a BLU studio energy)
-Put your device in the mount that fits (small / large device mount or Gopro mount)
-Make your adjustments so that it is held snugly.
-Attach the mount to the end of the selfie stick and screw into place by turning the gear with your fingers. (I like to position it so that the shutter button is facing up)
-Adjust the mount to the angle you want and extend to your liking
-Pose and press the shutter button on the handle.
Voila you've just taken a selfie. It might take a few tries and adjustments to get it where you want it. The more I practiced, the easier it was.
Now, I'm not going to be taking this everywhere with me in my purse, but I do like to take it to outings and theme parks to get some fun family pics.
Charge it with the included USB cord. I haven't had it die on me yet, so I'm not sure how long a charge will last. It's been going strong for a couple day long outings for me.
You get a one year warranty, so there is a safety net there.
I am truly impressed by how easy this product is to use and how well it functions.
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Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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