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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

0 K2R-803 Portable Power Bank Review

Info from Company:
WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: - ".......I loved the cool USB LED cables, they were just the BEST! Gave me the extra juice I needed when I was readign my free Kindle book, "Android Application Development for the Intel Platform", that I was reading on my phone as the battery was dying. An outstanding product. Highly recommended!" I. Virani. - "...I love this phone charger. It is compact and works exactly as described." A. Bata - "...As something of a technophobe, I had no problem using it, and I love that I can charge two gadgets at the same time." S. Coates

THREE AMAZING FREE BONUSES WORTH $41.09!: - Bonus 1: An Intelligent LED Micro USB Cable - Bonus 2: An Intelligent LED iPhone 5 USB Cable (The LED On The Cables Displays A Red Light To Indicate The Device Is Charging. A Blue Light Indicates It Is Charged) - Bonus 3: You Will Receive Our Exclusive K2R's Battery Boost Bonus Guide Ebook

EXCELLENT QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Protection Functions: Intelligent Monitoring System With Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Short-Circuit, Over-Load Safety Protection With Dual Output, Charges Two Devices At Once - Safety Certificates: RoHS, FC & CE

GENUINE LITHIUM ION BATTERY: 7,800mAh Battery (100% Real Capacity) - Fully Charge Your iPhone Battery Almost 4 Times (iPhone Battery 1420mAh)

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We pride ourselves in developing cutting-edge technology with superior quality. This is the travel charger for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, smartphones, and tablets. If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your K2R Portable Charger, Just Return It, And We'll Refund Every Cent. PLUS AN INCREDIBLE THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

We are a family with gadgets. All 4 of us having multiple things that need charged. It also seems like cell phone batteries aren't lasting as long as they used to. I'm sure it has everything to do with the fact that we are constantly running apps which drain the battery big time. We live in central FL and are always going to theme parks. About halfway through the day, our phones are dead. We've tried other portable chargers, and when we go out, we usually have a couple on hand.
I love that you can charge 2 devices at once with this charger. It sets it apart from the others that we've tried. We can bring this one charging bank with us and be able to charge 2 phones at once with it. It has a rather large charging capacity, compared to other ones we've tried, so taking this one and only unit makes it much more convenient.
The design is very attractive. It is a decent size, definitely not one of those tiny credit card sized ones. It still fits easily in a pocket or small bag though.
You receive 2 different cords, with one being micro-usb and the other meant for Apple products. We only need to use the micro-usb one for our devices. It is a decent length, unlike those 2 inch cords you get with some models. I really enjoy how the cord itself lights up once you plug it in.
Once plugged in to charge, the blue lights will flash while it is charging. It's recommended 10 hours to charge to full power, which is a lengthy time, however it is a large capacity that you are charging. When the lights stay solid, you know that it is fully charged.
To charge your phones or devices with it, you use the same cord, but turned around to have the usb plugged into the bank, and the micro-usb end plugged into your devices. You can use another cord, and charge 2 devices at once. That is a huge plus for me.
As soon as you plug it in, it powers up and starts charging and turns off when unplugged. There is a power button that can power it on manually. Also if you hit the power button, it will turn on 2 small LED lights on the side, which is convenient, especially if you want to do all of this plugging in while it is dark out.
Overall, I am very impressed with this charger bank. It is stylish, has a large charging capacity and bonuses like the dual charging and flashlight.
I did receive this in exchange for my honest review and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to use it and own it. We keep it charged and take it with us regularly.

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Disclosure: Product received in exchange for unbiased review.


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