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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

0 DK BBQ GRILL MAT - XLARGE (15.75"x19.7") SET OF 2! Review

★ THICK DURABLE, FOOD-SAVING, EASY TO USE, DISH WASHER SAFE SET OF 2 GRILL MATS. This grill mat have a Non Stick BBQ coating, is BPA free and FDA approved and will allow you to cook like a chef. Don’t you just hate it when losing your delicious meat between the grill? Not anymore!! Leave the perfect grill marks on your steak, and veggies without losing anything between the grills. An extra feature is, that the meat will cook in its own juices keeping it all moist from the inside, and a great sear on the outside! ★

★ AS SEEN ON TV: As shown on several tv programs to reflect its true potential. Not only meat and veggies can be made on the grill mat. Make everything from seafood, pizza, steaks, chicken, fish filets everything and be amazed about the amazing taste! No hard cleaning, dishwasher safe and even suitable for the oven!! ★

★ ARE YOU GUILTY OF USING FOIL ON YOUR GRILL? People still do this and it clearly shows the potential of this product.★

★ UNLIMITED USES PER SIDE GUARANTEED BY LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Some grill mats state it will be a great product up till 100, 200, 1000 grills.★


I'm in Florida and it's always grilling season. I've been discouraged from grilling lately because it's a lot of work to keep up with cleaning and maintaining the grill itself after cooking on it.
I had heard of these grilling mats, but had never tried them till now. Out of the box, you can tell that it is a quality product. I was expecting a flimsy mat and was pleasantly surprised to see how sturdy it is. This is advertised as the extra large and I can see why. You can see from my pics that I only had to use one and it filled the majority of my grilling surface.
Your meat doesn't get cooked on and stuck to your grates. Because the mat is a flat surface and non-stick, the meat can easily be moved around without any problems. Also because of the surface area, you can cook vegies and things you wouldn't normally be able to, directly on the grill mat, without having to use any special baskets or tools.
When you are done cooking, and pull up the mat from your grill, the grates underneath and untouched! That is my favorite part. If you cooked something greasy or had some runoff, you may have that along the edge of the grate, but other than that, you couldn't ask for better cleanup.
The mat itself is easy to clean also. I wash it with soapy water in my kitchen sink. The food residue just slides right off without any effort at all. I let it dry and pack it away till next time.
It is flexible and easy to roll back up for easy storage. I keep it in the same box that it came in.

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I did receive this for free in exchange for my honest review. I am in love with this product and happy to promote.


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