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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

0 Finish It! Gear 3 Pocket Running Belt Review

I have been slowly but surely working my way into a healthier life, and that includes walking / jogging. I really need to do it more often, but I try to get it in every few days. 
One of the frustrations is trying to listen to my music, or something on my phone but having no where to put it. I do own a regular fanny pack but it is way too bulky and just doesn't work for jogging. Most of the time, I end up putting my phone inside my bra, which never ends up being good because you sweat and ewww that's just gross. The default is to just hold it. 

Shipping: shipped with Amazon prime. Quick delivery and package was in-tact.

Out of the box - package contained the running belt. 
When given the opportunity to review the Finish It! Gear 3 pocket running belt, I jumped at the chance. This is just what I've been looking for and have actually been stalking them on Amazon but hadn't bought one yet. This "running belt" is much more slim than a fanny pack. Because of it's sleek design, it won't bounce around while you jog. It has an expandable waist straps that handled my size just fine. (size 12ish)
Mostly, what I'd like to have in it are my phone, keys and ID / Money. Those are my essentials. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and as you can see in the pic, the purple phone fits nicely with room for my keys and more. I wouldn't want to bulk it up too much anyway, because it's being used while I exercise. 
The material is a wetsuit-grade neoprene, which is water resistant. There is a mesh pocket inside along the width and a smaller cloth pocket for money, ID, etc. It has loops on the side for gel, wash cloths, energy packets, etc.
One of my favorite features is the hole in the front for my earbuds. This way, I can plug my earbuds into my phone, zip it up and still be able to listen to my music while I exercise. I'm not one for wearing fanny packs in general, but will occasionally wear them to theme parks, just so that we don't have to bother with dealing with a locker and have to keep going back and forth. This running belt works great to stay concealed under your shirt if you want it out of sight. All I ever really need at the theme park are my essentials anyway. 
I'm so pleased with my running belt and have found so many instances where I can use it. It functions so well and is perfect for my lifestyle. 
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