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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

0 40 Chalkboard Labels with Liquid Chalk Marker Review

Shipping: shipped with Amazon prime. Quick delivery and package was in-tact.
Out of the box: 40 total labels (5 sheets of 8) White chalk marker

Design / Aesthetics: The labels are textured black with sticky backs. Labels are easy to peel and chalk marker is easy to write with. 

Put it to use: 
As soon as I received the labels to review, my wheels started turning on what I could use them for. It's awesome that the bundle came with an e-book with ideas for using them. It helped a lot. 
Right away, I don't know even know why I'd need them or when I'd use them, but I really wanted to rush out and buy some mason jars to put these labels onto. That just sounds so cute. I grounded myself a little, because I might do that one day, but not today. In the future I'd like to have a party where everyone has their own mason jar with their name on it with these labels.
I started to think realistically for what I can do with the labels to help me with things that I already own or something I can put to use today. Here's just a couple things I chose to do with items in my home. I put labels onto the cereal containers. With each new cereal, I can just wipe off the writing and fill in the new cereal. 
I've had these divided tins around for years and throw random things into them. I put labels on them and it turned out so cute. These would look great at my next event or party. The silverware caddy is a great idea. 

The writing doesn't have to be instructive, it can be fun. Put one on your kid's lunch box or folder for school and write them a new message occasionally to brighten their day. 
The labels are so much fun. You can actually re-use them too. The pack of 40 are plenty for around the house stuff. If you were planning a party, for instance with the mason jar idea and labelled all of the food containers, etc or made parting gifts with them, it might require more than that. 

I love that it comes with the chalk marker. Follow the instructions on the marker for gettng it to fill ink/chalk into the tip so that it will write for you. I really enjoyed how effective these were. While doing the cereal containers, I rubbed half of the cheerios label off while moving stuff around. It was so easy to wipe it off with a towel and write it again. The chalk markers aren't cheap, so that's great that it is included in this bundle.

You can even peel the label off and put it on something else, because it doesn't have a normal sticker back. It is sticky, though and applies easily onto another surface. 

The sky is the limit for how and why you use these. Have fun with it. 
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