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Friday, November 29, 2013

0 Milk Unleashed Review

Milk is a staple in our household and every chance they get, the kids love indulging in chocolate milk. I see the importance of milk in a child's diet and encourage my kids to drink as much as they want. What they really love though is chocolate milk. Sometimes they won't drink it unless it's chocolate. Chocolate milk has all the vitamins, protein and nutrients as white milk and only has a little added sugar.

Typically the milk we buy is from the fridge section of the store and we get a new gallon every couple of days. There is a limit, that they can't bring milk products to school for lunch or to-go with us in the car, because of fear of the milk spoiling. There are "shelf safe" milk products out there in the form of powder that could be used, but they really don't taste much like milk, so they are better used for cooking. Now I know there are more options available in the "shelf-safe" milk category that actually taste good.

I've been introduced to Milk Unleashed which incorporates a number of "shelf safe" milks that are in smaller single serve cartons. They are liquid, and can be refrigerated whenever you'd like to drink them or stored on a shelf for future use. This shelf safe milk is Grade A and available in chocolate, vanilla, and white chocolate.

We have been more healthy concious lately and concerned for taking protein along with working out so that our muscles have what they need along with our body for strength. With each of these 8 oz cartons, they have 9 grams of protien and 15 other essential vitamins and minerals. MASMP9012-01 Santa Monica_Ad copy.jpg 

My daughter went crazy when she opened the package and wanted to try them all. It's taken a lot of control to keep her out of them and drink them at a reasonable pace. I managed to try a few of them. I tried the chocolate, white and white chocolate. Unfortunately, I did not get to try out the strawberry because my daughter drank it, but she went on and on about how much better it was than the store kind and she wants me to buy her more, just rubbing it in my face that she got to drink it instead of me. :)

I really enjoyed them and you wouldn't be able to distinguish that they are any different than milk you find in the refrigerated section, which is great considering that they are shelf-safe. The idea of them not having to be refrigerated until opened is still amazing to me. The white chocolate is by far my favorite. I've never had white chocolate milk before and it was so yummy, it was sad when I'd finished it. 

Keep an eye out in your local stores for them. Sometimes they put in the fridge section, but you may find it on shelves with the evaporated milk, just because they can! You can also find shelf-safe milk online and on Amazon. 
Learn More at:
Visit Milk Unleashed and use their locator!  

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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