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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

0 Jules Wrap Review

Do you avoid wearing seatbelts, just so that your seatbelt doesn't ruin your clothes? I hate it when the seatbelt wrinkles or bunches up your clothes, or the edges of the seatbelt catch on your blouse or sweater. Another seatbelt concern that I have is for shorter people like me, the edge of the seatbelt digs into my neck while I'm driving.

Designer Julie Bush Metcalfe set out to create a product to help us with just that problem. She has designed the brand JulesWrap which is a fashionable sleeve that fits over your seatbelt. The material is silky smooth and available in a wide variety of colors and prints.
We are constantly running around with our kids, to appointments, school, work, etc and the seatbelt is a hassle every step of the way. I've even tried using those little kid's safety clips but you have to un-hook it each time you got into the car, so I stopped using it.
I know that Julie created this product to rid the problem of ruined clothing, which is an issue, but my biggest relief from using this product is that the material is soft against my neck instead of the edge digging into it as usual. I do sometimes even put the top part of the seatbelt behind me or lean to the side (like I'm that cool, LOL) just to avoid the red marks on my neck.
I am so pleased with the product and it is the perfect length to fit the seatbelt in my car. Check out the many designs available. The one that I was sent to review is a pretty watercolor floral pattern, but there are others such as brown leopard and pink and brown paisley that caught my eye. You can express yourself with your own individual style.
They are priced at $22.00 and can be purchased through
Each piece is made for you by the creator and made in USA.

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Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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