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Sunday, November 4, 2012

0 Unreal Candy Party

If your kids are anything like mine, they have been eating and / or sneaking candy non-stop. Whether they celebrate Halloween or not, candy is definitely flowing. My daughter, especially has been coming home from school daily with more candy.

That's obviously not the snack that I prefer my child to be having. I try to promote healthy snack habits, but find myself reaching for that Halloween candy along with the kids. I've recently been introduced to a candy line that is much healthier for you than those other leading chocolate candies. It's called Unreal Candy and I'm so excited to get the opportunity to try it out.
The basis behind Unreal is that it is Unjunked, because they use real cane sugar, more cacao, real caramel, more peanuts, and don't have all of that artificial stuff you find in other candy bars. It's a fantastic idea to get your family eating healthier snacks. If they are going to be eating candy, it's much better for them to eat unjunked candy.

 I received a box of this Unreal candy to try out and it was enough to throw a party. That's exactly what we did. It was perfect timing for Halloween so we threw a big Halloween Unreal party. There ended up being well over 30 people who attended and it was a big hit. Along with all of the normal party foods, I set out the Unreal candy for everyone to help themselves.
Throughout the party, I mingled, asking everyone what they thought about the candy. Almost everyone had great things to say about them and the peanut butter cups seemed to be the biggest hit.
I couldn't resist including the pic of my biggest taste testers, my children dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

The candy that was sent to me was the Unreal equivalent of some of our favorite chocolate candies. There were candy covered chocolate with and without peanuts, a candy bar with nougat and chocolate, a candy bar with caramel, nouget, and nuts, and peanut butter cups. After trying them out myself and after talking to everyone else that got to try them, there was very positive feedback. I was such a skeptic, as I always am, when trying anything that claims to be a healthier snack. Even when I first told my sister in law about the candy, she said that she had just heard Jillian Michaels talking about it on a talk show. My kids even said, and I agree that the peanut butter cups were even better than the name brand version, because the peanut butter filling is creamier, tastes better and not as gritty. The only thing that my daughter said she didn't care for was after eating half a bag of the candy covered chocolates, she said it was too chocolaty for her after she'd eaten so many.
I have a feeling this Unreal candy is going to blow up in popularity. If you haven't tried it, I encourage you to check it out! You are probably already seeing them in your local drugstores such as CVS. pick some up and give them a try.
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Disclaimer: I was provided samples of this product for the Unreal party and compensated financially to post my opinions. The opinions here are my own and in no way influenced otherwise. 


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