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Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 SparX Xylitol Candies Review

SparX Candy, Berry, Single 30-Gram Tube

I've been recently introduced to a candy that is good for you. SparX candy contains Xylitol sweetener instead of regular sugar, so unlike other candies, it does not promote tooth decay. 

"What is SparX? SparX is the first product offered under Xlear's new sugar-free candy line, Fine & Dandy Candy. SparX are naturally fruit-flavored, bite size candies sweetened exclusively with 100% pure xylitol. The candy is sold in 30 gram plastic tubes and is available in three varieties, Berry, Citrus and Fruit. Each tube contains four flavors. SparX is safe for children and adults."
It comes in three different flavors and I was sent a tube of each. The candy itself are these little round candy dots. They are about the size of a BB and very poppable. The candies themselves kind of remind me of smarties in taste but not as hard. They crumble in your mouth when you bite down on them.

When introduced to products that claim to be "good for you", I am always a little skeptical, and most things made with alternative sugars usually have an after taste to them. I was pleasantly surprised that these tasted great with no after taste.

These candies are made to actually promote oral health. Chewing a few of these with halt bacteria, which is major lead to tooth decay. Especially with Halloween time here and your kids eating way too much sugar and probably not brushing their teeth as often as they should, it's a good time to encourage oral health.

The only downfall for now at least is that they aren't at the supermarket checkouts for you to grab instead of those other sweetening candy, but I do urge you to check it out online. They can be purchased individually, by the case or wholesale through the site.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I too have never heard of Xylitol Candylike this.Its a much better treat for the kids no doubt.


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