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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

0 Best Price Nutrition Review

I'm always looking to try out new supplements to help me stay healthy and work toward my goal of a healthier lifestyle. Granted, it is not always easy and I don't always follow the rules but I do what I can to work toward my goals.

I've discovered a site where you can get your favorite nutrition products at wholesale prices. Best Price Nutrition have such a wide range of products, from bodybuilding supplements, weight loss supplements, vitamins and much more.

I was sent to review 2 products that are complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I received a bottle of GCB400 Svetol and Green Coffee Bean Extract and 2 packets of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.

First, the GCB400 which is 100%Svetol and Green Coffee Bean Extract. I've actually heard people talking about taking this prior to this review and we saw a big display at Sams of a competitor extract. My hubby was drawn to it, and wanted to buy it. I told him that I had a bottle on my desk to review and it's actually cheaper than what was on display.
A few facts from the site: 
  • Svetol as Talked About on TV with Dr. Oz
  • 100% Pure, Nothing Added
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains NO Gelatin, Silica, Maltodextrine, Magnesium Stearate or Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Has 45% Chlorgenic Acid
  • 400mg Per 2 Capsules

Best Price Nutrition Tip: Although it is recommended to take 400mg 3 times per day 30 minutes before meals, you may only eat two carbohydrate rich meals in a given day. So on these days only taking it twice is prudent as the purported effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract is controlling one’s blood sugar via inhibition of enzymes that break down carbohydrates.
I have been taking this for about a week now and it works great with my routine. I take it twice a day, because I really only eat twice a day. I really need to incorporate more meals in my day to improve my wellness plan, and I'm working on that. I have to build up my appetite. I haven't noticed any ill-effects from the pills. They are small, which is great considering how large supplements usually are. I've noticed more energy during peak hours of the day when I keep on an even regimen of taking them before meals.

I was also sent PB2 - Powdered Peanut Butter. When it was first suggested that I try it out, I was truly intrigued. I've never even heard or thought about the concept of a powdered peanut butter. The packets I received are 0.85 oz and it makes a total of 4 tbsp. The calories are only 45 per 2 tbsp serving size.
You might be curious how in the world you are supposed to use them. I was too. You can either re-hydrate them with water, making a paste to spread onto bread, cracker, etc. or you can mix as a powder in your favorite shake or smoothie.
A few facts from the site:
PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that is very popular with fitness enthusiasts and people just looking to liver healthier, but love the taste of peanut butter. This powdered peanut butter gives you all the flavor peanut butter without the fat.Made with high-quality peanuts that are slow-roasted to our specifications and pressed to remove the oil. All natural with no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives. PB2 is simply mixed with water to create a traditional smooth peanut butter. PB2 is also wonderful in recipes that call for peanut butter.
Serving Size: Twelve two-servings packets
Popular Use: Add this powdered peanut butter to your favorite protein shake or smoothie.
Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Ingredients
IngredientsRoasted peanuts, sugar, and salt
Serving Size2 Tablespoons (12g)
Servings Per Container2
Calories From Fat13
Total Fat1.5g (2%)
Saturated Fat0g (0%)
Trans Fat<0 .01g=".01g" td="td">
Polyunsaturated Fatn/a
Monounsaturated Fatn/a
Cholesterol<0 .01mg=".01mg" td="td">
Sodium94mg (4%)
Total Carbohydrates5g (2%)
Dietary Fiber2g (8%)
Vitamin A<1 td="td">
Vitamin C0%
Calcium<1 td="td">
I made a shake out of a vanilla breakfast mix and then mixed in the powdered peanut butter mix. Being that the mix is 85 % less fat calories, I was expecting a faint peanut butter flavor. That could not be more far from the truth. The shake was like drinking peanut butter. Absolutely delicious. I think it would be better if I blend in some ice cubes to make more of a frozen shake because you can feel the grit of the powder just a little bit, but it is very yummy. I'm already picturing the possibilities. You can put a packet in with your homemade ice cream to make peanut butter ice cream, or expand it into baking possibilities. I'm looking forward to trying out the PB2 with premium chocolate now.

Overall, I was pleased with the products that I received. From visiting the Best Price Nutrition site, I'm eager to try some other products there. I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Same Day Shipping from 4.99.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own. 


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