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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

0 Rodeo Rummy Review

Today I bring you Rodeo Rummy. It's a Square Shooters game that is fun for the whole family. 
About Rodeo Rummy (from the company)
Rodeo Rummy is the newest game featuring the amazing Square Shooters® dice!  It’s a fast and fun new spin on the traditional rummy games everyone knows and loves.  Take a spin on the two-level spinner to find out which type of rummy hand to roll for.  Roll the hand in 3 rolls or less and add up your points – but pay attention to the inner ring on the spinner for an additional bonus or penalty. The perfect  addition to game night - great fun for families and friends alike.  Boxed set includes 9 Square Shooters® dice, spinner, score pad, pencil and dice cup. Instructions included for other rummy variations using the Square Shooters® dice! Made in China.  Ages 8 and up.

My kids are always wanting to play games with me. They won't play on their own because they don't think that's any fun, so I am kind of the buffer. I do really enjoy playing games with them. We have a ton of games and love trying out new ones. Growing up, we played lots of games inside and out of the house. Kids don't spend as much time doing simple things like playing board games anymore. They are usually so hung up on computer or video games, so it's nice when mine show an interest in wanting to spend time together playing a board game.
I was sent Rodeo Rummy to try out with my kids (who are ages 9 and 13). They get the basic idea of rummy and were shocked when we opened the box to find dice instead of cards. The dice are very cool because they have card faces instead of numbers. The way the game is played is intriguing. You spin the arrow and look at the outer ring to see what your "goal" is. For example, I land on "Damonds Run" {I have to get 3 or more in a row that are of diamond suite}. Now look to the inner ring for your bonus / penalty. Mine is "-5 with a picture of a club" {gotta subtract 5 points for every club on the last roll}.  Now I get 3 rolls to try to get to my goal, putting aside and re-rolling as I need to.  You follow the score sheet to tally up the score. It can be a bit confusing but there is a fantastic video here that explains it all. I watched before I played and the game went very smoothly.
All in all, the kids had a blast playing it. Keep in mind that my kids are a bit older and grasped the concept of the game easily but younger children might not. I'd say that the Ages8 plus is accurate. My favorite part is the dice that you are playing with. They are very unique and you want to be extra careful that each makes their way back into the box and not get lost. This is definitely one game that we will be putting into our family game night rotation.

Also try out their Square Shooters game which is also a lot of fun.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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