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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

0 Kisstixx Review

Kisstixx Bio:
"After years of mediocrity in the lady department, Kisstixx® founders Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo decided to make some sweet MySpace profiles—when that didn't pay dividends they transformed their dorm rooms at Utah Valley University into makeshift chemistry labs and created what they would argue is the best thing to happen to kissing since the French got a hold of it-Kisstixx®. With their newfound all-star level tonsil hockey skills, they are now much more popular with the ladies, and by popular we mean they don’t have to do product testing on their hands anymore."
This is one of my new favorite things. What do I love as much as kissing? Lip balm! I do not leave home without a tube of chapstick or lip balm in my pocket. I love trying out new flavors and love the concept of Kisstixx that brings flavors together through a smooch!

The idea behind Kisstixx is that they come in 2-packs with flavors that compliment each other. You put on one flavor, and your partner puts on the other flavor. When you kiss, the flavors combine and Wow! It really is amazing how yummy the flavors are individually and combined.

There are 12 different flavors available. I was sent 4 sets, so I got to try out 8 of them. 
Peaches - Cream
Fire (Cinnamon)- Ice (Vanilla)
Strawberry Daiquiri - Pina Colada
Raspberry - Lemonade
The only ones I did not try out but they also have available are:
Chocolate - Strawberry 
Sweet - Sour
They are in a typical chapstick container, they go on smooth and are not greasy at all. You can't help but lick your lips every once in a while cause they taste yummy. To try out all the flavors, I actually put one flavor on my top lip, and the other flavor on the bottom lip to get the full effect of them combined. My hubby wasn't available to try every flavor out with me. At one point, it had been hours after I'd tried the raspberry / Lemonade combo and I'd been playing on the computer, forgetting all about the fact that I was wearing it, and got a pleasant surprise when licking my lips. I really enjoyed every flavor, and I'd have to say the Peaches and Cream is probably my favorite.

These are so much fun and would make a great gift also. Especially if you are putting together an engagement or anniversary basket, these would make a great addition to it.

Another thing that is important to me, that I wanted to share is that it is made in the USA. Let's support that!

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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