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Monday, January 2, 2012

0 Dr. Drip Coffee Review

Dr. Drip Coffee is a truly unique single serve brewing system. You can brew yourself a cup of coffee on-the-go. It's convenient, tastes great and so easy to use.

I am definitely a coffee addict. It is a daily requirement and I always rush to get my pot of coffee made while getting ready for work, to go out, or dealing with the kids getting ready for school. When I do forget, I have to go out and buy a cup while I'm out, which can be super expensive. With this product, you can literally brew a cup of coffee on-the-go.
I was sent a 5 pack of the Dr. Drip Coffee - The organic tonic. It has been so nice having the convenience of a fresh cup of coffee that I can make anytime with me. While having these to review, I've used them mostly at work, where I want a cup of coffee at 3am to keep me awake until 7am when I finally get off work. Now that I've used them all, it makes me a little sad and I do want to get some more. 
 They are individually packaged and so easy to use. Once you open the package, you will find a cardboard stand, with a pre-measured amount of coffee that will make a cup. All you have to do is set it up on top of your cup, like in the picture.
The next step is to add your hot water. I used mine at work, so we have a microwave. I just heated up water in the microwave. Then, you pour the water right onto the coffee grounds. There is a filter built in, so that it will brew just as if it was in a big coffee pot. It is supposed to be for one cup, however I filled it slightly further than that in my mug, and it still had a dark color.
Clean up is easy. I put the soiled grounds/filter back into the packet, so that I wouldn't drip on the way to the garbage can. Voila, my friends, a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Add cream and sugar (or in my case, just some vanilla creamer) and you are off. It only took a few minutes between heating the water up and pouring it into your cup.
I bet at this point you are wondering how it tastes......that is the best part! I really enjoyed the taste. My "normal" coffee is a name brand, that I won't mention the name here and this coffee tastes so much better than my normal coffee. It is surprisingly strong. You can see that I poured a little more than a standard cup, and it was plenty strong for me and I make my coffee a little stronger on purpose.
You can buy them online in 5 packs for $8.99 or a multi-pack that is made up of 3 5packs for $19.99
The other flavors available are the "Double Daily Remedy", "Ultimate pick me up" and "Decaf Energizer".

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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