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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

0 Old Navy Compression Wear / Crowdtap Sampling

Have you joined Crowdtap yet? I've had the pleasure of hosting a few parties now at the courtesy of Crowdtap. I have also earned $119.35 in cash by participating in short surveys and discussions.
I was approved to be a part of the Old Navy style sampling of their compression wear.
I was provided coupons for a FREE top and bottoms for a friend and myself.

I was very excited about this promotion. I've recently started doing a regimen of walking / jogging, so it's perfect timing to get myself some compression gear. I took my coupons and went shopping. It sucks because timing just wasn't in my favor, and I had to do the shopping for both of us, but I picked out two awesome workout outfits.

I shop at Old Navy at least once a month and own at least one of everything they sell. I have to say, this is the first time I've bought clothing that is geared especially for working out in. Usually I wear my yoga type pants and a tee. With these compression pants, they really do give you a boost of energy. They are like putting on your armor to go into battle.

My progress is definitely a slow progression but, I feel very confident when I put my new work-out clothes on. I've only been doing it a couple weeks, but hope to see some change soon. I figure you can't go wrong with working out more, especially when my normal amount consists of sitting on my butt either at my computer desk or watching TV. It doesn't get any better at work either. I work 12 hour shifts and am sitting down the whole time.
The fit of the compression clothing are amazing. They are snug but very breathable also. After a jog where I am usually covered in sweat, surprisingly, I'm not with these. The label says they are a GoDry material which keeps you dry. The only small complaint that I have is that the pants are a little long for me because I'm a tad bit short but that comes with the territory. 

Go check out the selection at Old Navy. This sampling was provided by Old Navy and Crowdtap.

If you'd like to sign up for crowdtap, I'd love for you to do it under my referral....Here. 


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