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Sunday, September 25, 2011

0 Eco Lunch Gear Review and Giveaway Ends 10-16

I've discovered a new earth friendly company that brings you lunch gear with the Earth in mind first and foremost. Eco Lunch Gear brings you reusable cloth bags that you use for your lunch instead of wasting with plastic baggies. From the products they use down to the ink that they print on, Eco Lunch Gear is eco-friendly, reusing at  every turn.

From the website: 
Here at Eco Lunch Gear we make reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps & cloth napkins. By choosing our organic cotton bags you are helping the Earth twice as much. First for choosing to reuse & second because organic cotton is free of chemicals - in both the growing & printing process. We not only thought of the end result but the beginning as well.
Image 1 
That's no surprise of course, that the products that they sell are so functionable. I received a sandwich wrap in the Woodland Pool design and a snack wrap in the Woodland Strawberry design to review. They think of all the little things, so that you don't have to, which I love, love, love.

The bags a soft, cloth exterior, and a nylon interior with velcro holding it all together. When it's lunch time, you just open it up and it lays completely flat, and acts as a mat to eat over, also, so no crumbs. If any do fall, no worries. Because it lays flat with no corners or creases, you can just brush off into the trash.
Because of how it's made, the wrap keeps your food fresh with the nylon liner and that also prevents moisture getting in/out. No chance for mildew, stains or rot.

My favorite aspect is the cleanup. You can either hand wash or toss into the washer / dryer. My first reaction is that the velcro would stick to all the other laundry, but they have even thought of that. There is a double velcro strip in the inside so that you can fold it onto itself for washing. No worries there. They really did think of everything.
I have tried other reusable bags in the past, and I think what sets these apart is the design. You don't have to worry about food getting down in the creases / corners and not getting all the food out in the wash. The Eco Lunch Gear bags are attractive, well designed, and so easy to use.
Let us not forget the overall concept of the product. Using reusable bags instead of plastic bags helps our Mother Earth. I've been forced to face just how many plastic bags I go through and how using the reusable bags not only cuts down on useless garbage in landfills, but saves me some money in the long haul. I rarely use plastic baggies anymore, because the reusable bags do the job now. Most times, I clean them off in the sink, and use it again. When I use them for greasy chips or something like that, I will toss them in the washer.
Eco Lunch Gear has more than just a snack and sandwich sized wraps. Check out their other products like the cinch sack, jumbo snack bag, tissue pouch and cloth napkins.
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